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  1. £300, need to get rid of this
  2. I'm selling my kit as I rarely use it. It's British made and was bought from Bruce millers years ago. The bass drum is a 22x20". The kit come with silencer pads. Can deliver in/around Aberdeen/Angus. Looking for £350 Pics: http://m.imgur.com/a/QF4B4
  3. eliotleonard

    Selling this as I literally never use it. It's in great condition, looks pretty much new. http://i.imgur.com/FTj2DJG.jpg
  4. Still have both of these left. : Marshall Jackhammer Hiscox Liteflight standard Hardcase
  5. Cab & TU3 gone. I do still have the pedal case, I forgot to mention, the pedal case and the hiscox case have silver spray paint on them. Thought I could remove it but it's proving difficult. I'll check the model of the pedal case tonight.
  6. Need to get rid of this stuff asap so will consider offers.
  7. I have a multi adaptor which I suppose I could chuck in if that's suitable?
  8. eliotleonard

    Sorry should've clarified, it's the Biyang Baby Boom Tri Reverb http://www.strat-talk.com/forum/attachments/effect-effect/8766d1275422943-best-reverb-pedal-market-biyang-rv-10-web-1.jpg
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