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  1. This is epic news for fat hippy, so pleased for Tom and the guys.
  2. In my late teens early 20's I was In a band full time, writing, rehearsing, gigging and recording continuously for 3 1/2 - 4 years. Totally drained me and once we split I didn't look at playing, even in the house for a good 7 years or so just absorbed myself into work. I sold amps, pedals, guitars i basically went from having a cracking rig to one Les Paul and a 10 watt orange practice amp both of which were at my parents house until last year. Then i got asked to do a reunion gig in October, even then I only did it as a favour to someone who helped us greatly in our youth. Then as soon as I had the first meeting with my former band mates to discuss a set list I was hooked again and I had so much fun for the 6 weeks before the gig and at the gig. Meting up with folks I hadn't seen in years and being around muso's again. Although I wouldn't swap the days of playing continuously, I realise now that it sucked the life out of my guitar playing and I got into a rut of the same thing day in day out. So after the gig last year I decided I needed to go back to the beginning and refind my mojo, I've done this by learning to play styles I would never have before. I've gone through 50's RnR into the 60's and 70's and fallen in love with playing again. Now I'm on to country and slide guitar and I've managed to get a group of guys to jam with. We may gig at some point but it's all very relaxed and more a chance to take my new skills and techniques into a group setting. it also let's me buy new gear which is always fun! My latest purchase is a ukulele and a chord sheet something I would never have done before because i was so wrapped up in trying to make it, but I love the challenge of learning the new techniques it offers. Anyway I'm starting to ramble, as Milner mentioned above taking a step back and re assessing things can work wonders. All be it I may have stepped back off a cliff into the abyss for far too long. But music is one of those things engraved into your soul. You never lose the ability sometimes you can just stray down the wrong path for a bit! Something will come along and ignited the fire again and in all likelihood also when the time is right for you. Keep your eyes Peeled and your ears open for it!!! Kev
  3. As the title says. Looking for something to help cut through the rest of the band when required. What you got?
  4. what size of speakers in them? 10, 12, 15" ? cheers
  5. Looking for a keys and a sax player to complete a funky pop rock collective concentrating on covers. Our main focus is on having fun and playing music we enjoy. Pm me if you want more info i.e. current songs aspirations etc
  6. Now seeking a bass player and keyboards (with vocals would be even better), looking to get together around the end of the month for a jam. Anyone interested?!?
  7. I've Pm'd you. Seemed to work ok...
  8. I've been trying to get myself back into a band of late but due to work commitments I'm finding it hard to commit to weekly practices and gigs (you're all so committed!!), so I'd thought I would test the waters to see if there are like minded folks in the same boat as me that wouldn't mind getting together once or twice a month to jam it out for a few hours and see where it takes us. I'm keen to do something that covers the 50's through the 70's to start with, think merseybeat / rock n roll with some folky/ country stuff thrown in for good measure too. I'm looking to do covers as I done the whole original music years ago and don't have the time to commit to it again. I am a guitarist and can double up on keys at a push (although its been long enough since I did). So another guitarist, bass, drums, keys, vocals (the more the better) basically anything instrument you think would fit with this type of thing is good with me. If you fancy this drop me a PM and we can try to set something up. Kev
  9. Hey Ronz. Found it tonight. It's an E300 series for instrument or mic. I have transmitter, receiver, antennas for both and a power supply. The missing link is the instrument cable. 1/4 inch -3.5mm I had a quick look around and eBay have replacements for about £16 but I'm sure someone could knock one up cheaper. I'm willing to purchase a new one to save you the bother of sourcing. It's about 3 -5 days delivery for the cable. The receiver and transmitter both burst Ito life no probs. Let me know if you're still interested. As for price I'll start at £80. Feel free to negotiate ( bearing in mind the cost of the new lead )
  10. A simple delay that lets me do dotted 8th's and a reverb - my amp doesn't have built in reverb
  11. My last experience of a multi fx was the zoom 505 about 15 years ago, after which I promised myself never again! Now I know they have improved since then but what are the best value multi fx units out there nowadays? I'm more after it for the time based effects as I'm happy with the sound from my amp. Looking forward to your opinions Kev
  12. I've got a sennheiser system - not sure of the exact model off the top of my head but I'm sure its one of the ew (evolution) series. Once I get access to it (hopefully tonight or tomorrow) I can give you more details if you like. Kev
  13. One last bump for the pedal. The orange amp is gone. Line 6 AM-4. Make me an offer. Cheers
  14. Last set up i got done was at imported instruments. Guitar came back to me playing beautifully. Not sure who actually done the job but it was the guy Gordon? Red head anyway and the dude with the long fair hair working on the afternoon in question. They also didn't under a fair amount of pressure from me as I wanted and got it back that afternoon. Wouldn't hesitate in going back there again. Just my humble opinion of course.
  15. Fender sold. Still got the orange crush 10watt practice amp and the line 6 AM-4 amp modeller. Previously wanted £30 for the amp and £60 for the pedal but would like these gone so will listen to offers on both.
  16. I was once told by a barman in Dundee that there was no where good on a Monday night as and I quote 'gay night' I tried to explain that a statement like that must be discriminatory and his reply was 'no we only let them out on Mondays'. Just remember a pie is a peh and a roundabout is a circle and you'll get on fine.
  17. Hiscox case sold. Open to offers on the amp and line 6. Also have an orange crush practice amp available in like new condition 8 or 10watt great little amp. £30.
  18. I'm looking for some opinion on what sort of volume pedal to get. I've never used one before so I'm interested to hear what you guys that do or have think. cheers Kev
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