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  1. So much depends on what style of food you like. Aberdeen is awash with mediocre overpriced restaurants. That said there are still a few, very good restaurants left in my opinion. Cafe Boheme for traditional French Granite Park for modern British Rock and Oyster for seafood, however if your after seafood then the Creel Inn at stonehaven is worth the trip. Rustico for a hearty Italian Yangtze River for Chinese - not very romantic though. Musa is a funky little place too. It has been a while since I've been out for a nice meal in Aberdeen so all of the above could now be rank!!
  2. KSJ81

    Squier Telecaster

    End of the month bump. Will listen to offers.
  3. Makes sense on the sizes. I'm no expert on built in tuners so don't have a clue. If I was to guess I'd say it may depend on whether the tuner has an independent mic that picks up the sound or if the tuner takes its sound from the pickup. Anyway nae luck and hope you get sorted with a replacement soon.
  4. Did you get him to show you the problem when you went back? If you were sure it worked fine he may have been stupid or something. looks like he got cold feet after the deal to me. Also taking the Taylor back in the boot in just a gig bag would have surely been a bit risky too I would have thought...
  5. Doesn't make sense to me moon moon. If the acoustics in the room are not great. Throwing another amp into it won't help. I'm assuming you are all playing live in the same room. Also I would imagine the amp will be close Mic'd or DI'd anyway. I would recommend you DI your guitar and put a Mic on it then get a blend of the 2 in the mix. If you have the time get the engineer to do a quick comparison of a few different methods. I'm guessing the guitar will be accompanied by vocals, bass drums and possibly a second guitar so while a nice sound is still important it is not all about your guitar sound its about the overall sound of the band.
  6. I would say to make sure you triple check everything. I remember doing a gig at the forum where we were told we could use the house system, but they neglected to tell us the mixing desk was away for repair. We managed to borrow an old one from drummonds but you don't want to be rushing around on the day trying to source bits of gear. And make sure the band's are comitted to it. You don't want them pulling out cos of a better offer or something. Finally. Its been years since I did any live sound but if you are struggling for someone to work the desk I'll help if I'm available. Good luck.
  7. Aye, canna wait! I hate close season. I know we've had the world cup this summer but its just not the same as going to the game. Pints, pies and my beloved dons on a sunny evening. The only weird part is its the first week in July. Club website was claiming over 13000 shifted before today. Hopefully the sun will entice a few more PATG and we creep over the 15000 mark.
  8. For cardio, bearing in mind I use my lunch hour, I use mens health lunch time triathlon, in fact I often browse the website for ideas when I'm on a health kick http://www.menshealth.co.uk/fitness/cardio-exercise/lunchtime-triathlon-workout I appreciate that you have no pool or bike in the gym but the principle should be the same. A group of short high intensity bursts with rest periods in between. lamp posts as markers are good for being out running on the street. Jog 1, sprint 2 etc etc, I find this mixed in during a longer run can help break the monotony. Rowing with bad tekkers can be really bad for you as one of the instructors pointed out to me during a row, so I tend to avoid the rowing machine at my gym now. As for toning I cant help much as I am looking to loose some baby fat (it's not just women who put on a few pounds during pregnancy alright!!) before I hit the weights.
  9. Ah well that's my world cup just about done.Still got fantasy but I was 8th last time I checked and Columbia in the work sweeper. go Columbia!!!
  10. Oh Man, if it wasn't bad enough that the Germans and Americans are gonna have a 90 minute keep ball session tonight to ensure qualification, skinny Ronaldo and co will no doubt run riot through a team filled with conflict. We all remember the utter garbage the Dutch produced in the tournaments where they had all that shit going on, and Ghana are no Holland in the footballing world. Still as a true Scotsman Ghanaian I thrive in failing at the last hurdle so fully expect a 4-0 whipping of Portugal, with the U.S of A scoring a last minute equalizer to knock out the plucky Black stars!!!
  11. Good point Dave. Thanks Think i'll take it into a few of shops and take an average from what they say...
  12. Cheers guys, I will have a look at your suggestions. Looking at how much it would cost to replace would probs be easiest as Colb says. Kybosh, its my circa 70-72 LP Deluxe, and a 70's tama kit (which I know nothing about)
  13. I need to get a guitar and some drums valued. Mainly for insurance purposes but also for an idea as to how much I'd get for them if I chose to sell. I got the guitar valued around 10 years a go when I was in London. But looking for somewhere a bit closer to ABZ that know their stuff on vintage gear. I know strung out in Glasgow do valuations for insurance but any other suggestions appreciated. Kev
  14. FC Gronginan if we get through against the Latvians. A trip to Holland would be nice at the end of July!!!
  15. very true Skacel, I must have blanked that one from memory it was so bad. I completely forgot I wasted an evening watching that drivel. Derek Young at full back FFS!!
  16. Just read that they are 11 games into their season so fitness could play a part, hopefully we will be strong enough even if the fitness isn't quite there.
  17. So Aberdeen have just been drawn against FK Daugava Riga at home first. No idea if thats good or not. Never heard of them before but we did get papped out by Sconto Riga years ago...
  18. Thought I'd give this a wee bump up for some advice and tips from some of you hopefully. Fingerpicking... I've never spent the time to get to grips with it. Can any of you offer some tips, techniques practice drills, songs to start with etc to help improve. I did think about trying to find a tutor to learn from but I'd rather give it a concentrated effort myself first. Cheers in advance for your suggestions
  19. Just did our work sweeper and as there are only 8 of us we decided we would do groups, I pulled group C dont think I'll get the kitty at the end!!!
  20. I should probably look at how points are awarded for fantasy football as everyone seems to be loading up with strikers galore!!! Hmmm I can see more cahnges before the deadline from me
  21. I did likewise. May change before its too late but for now: Buffon J Boetang, Ramos, Kompany, Bonucci Lahm, Pirlo, Alonso, Xavi, Barkley Suarez
  22. Thats me signe up. Its a bit difficult to get a team together!!
  23. Rivaldo should be banned from any all time XI for his rediculous attempt at simulation. Therefore you should have to make do with 10 ment for including him. Hats off on the strike partnership though!!! GOALS GALORE
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