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  1. Matthaus is basically playing sweeper with Lahm and Maldini as wingbacks, but wingbacks are so 1998. It's all about the 4-2-3-1, 4-1-4-1 formations nowadays. Modern thinking!!!!
  2. I was looking through the BBC's all time world cup XI selector http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-27699398 and thought I would create my all time XI from my lifetime. Being born in 1981 I have went from Spain 1982 to South Africa 2010. In a 4-1-3-2 formation I have selected: Buffon(ITA) Lahm(GER) Barresi(ITA) Breitner(GER) Maldini(ITA) Matthaus(GER) Pirlo(ITA) Xavi(SPA) Zidane(FRA) Klose(GER) Ronaldo(BRA) What is your all time XI from your lifetime?
  3. KSJ81

    Pet Hates!

    This girl in my office feels the need to replace laughter with saying LOL whenever something funny happens. WHY?!?! Text talk should be confined to texting on your phone. Even then text talk has a lot to answer for, I mean look at some of the language and grammar we see on this site daily. Rant over. I now fully expect a host of text talk replies from all the funny guys on here... ...Feel free I have worked my frustration out by posting in this thread.
  4. Wasn't going to get involved but I'll take Ghana if that's cool!! Be a struggle with Germany and Portugal in the group but hopefully they'll knock lumps out of each other in the first game!!!
  5. And great to have around the training ground and dressing room too. A real joker in the squad. Lets hope he's a better driving instructor than footballer.
  6. cheers for the reply's and suggestions, Nick from The Whisky shop is stepping in and saving the day for me and the best part is I get to keep the left over whisky!!!
  7. Cheers Mo. Not a head wetting, you will be invited when I finally get round to that!! Its for my bro's stagger, the guys at 10 dollar shake are part of Tippling house and they couldn't help. I should really get organised a head wetting too though!
  8. Ok peeps, Does anyone know of anyone local to Aberdeen who could host a whisky tasting at short notice? I'm waiting for Nick from the whisky shop to get back to me but other than that I have tried google and not getting any positive links... Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Kev Edit: should also have pointed out I've tried the tippling house and casc who cannot help. One is to blame for my predicament but I wont go into details!!
  9. Like Bigsby I'm on D'adarrio 10's on electric and Martin 12's on acoustic. I change my acoustic strings every 4 weeks or so because I play it a lot more... I only really change the strings on my electric if I know I'm gonna be using it for anything other than messing about on. Has anyone used silk & steel strings on their acoustic? I fancy mellowing out the tone a bit and thought I might give them a go?!?
  10. I haven't had GAS for years but I am seriously craving one of these mahogany martins. Will I ever get it? I dunno, I'd have to shift some gear to make room for/ fund it. Perhaps it will remain a pipe dream for now...
  11. that is a thing of beauty. What do you tune your lap steel to?!?
  12. If you're going for Belmont street area you could see if imported instruments might do a pop up stage in the shop? they do acoustic stuff some weekends already I think... Depending on how big you want to make it, would it be worthwhile trying to get local businesses to sponsor a stage? I'm thinking like 57 degrees north/ SHMU, captain toms, musical vision, II, R&B. At the very least I'm sure you could get them to supply the backline and PA if the venues don't have in house. The first Go North festival was primarily based around Belmont street, and TK's had full on rock bands playing not just acoustic dunno if they'd be up for doing that again. If my memory serves me right the venues used were; drummonds, Kef/ lava/ golw 303/ whatever it was called at the time, One up, TK's, Exodus, and possibly the cinema but I might have made that one up... Anyway great idea
  13. Do you not have 4 acoustics or something- why not take one form there and then replace that at a later date so you don't have to rush about as much. Failing that II or R&B probably your best shot at this short notice?
  14. Thumpinator!!! Quite possibly the best name for a pedal I've heard.
  15. A good covering letter/ email can go a long way. Its usually the first thing a recruiter views. As head recruiter for my work I will always look at a cv with a good covering letter before one that says: Hi, seen the job advertised here is my cv. Its not uncommon for me to have 60+ cv's waiting for me in the first couple of days after advertising depending on the position available which means time spent looking over cvs in the first instance is limited to a couple of minutes max. So, like others have said look for subtle ways to make your application stand out from the crowd. I agree with the social media tighten up too. If you choose to be publicly visible online then you have to expect recruiters will search for you. Don't lie. I have withdrawn employment offers when it has come to light that someone has lied on their application. Finally if you are applying via e-mail use a sensible address. Even if you have to create one solely for job applications. Professionalism goes a long way.
  16. Sizes are 750mm high, 550mm wide and 520mm deep. Camera on my phone is bust so didn't get photos.
  17. Sorry alkaline. Nae yet. I will get tomorrow. Never made it round to the store where it is but I've got to shift stuff tomorrow so def get the info for you then.
  18. Not exact but from memory and Wikipedia its roughly 50cm wide. 45cm deep and between 85cm and 1m tall. Best I can do just now. Will measure tomorrow night.
  19. Alkaline. No photo sorry. Could get a couple on Wednesday as its not in my house. It opens at the front and back and has a lift off lid too. Also has a hatch for running cables out of. Stevie. No wheels. Has holes for wheels but the guy I got it from took them off before hand.
  20. Title says it all. oops meant this for the freecycling thread. Feel free to move it mods.
  21. KSJ81

    2013/2014 Season

    The boy Sterling is a huge prospect for club and country. The composure for his goal against man city and today his finish for the first was great.he ghosted past the defence for his second too.Fortunate with the deflection over Ruddy but he seems to get the ball to stick. Still very lightweight at times and questionable decision making too but I'd like to see Hodgson take a punt on him for the world cup. Still a poor man's peter pawlett though.
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