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  1. Cheers Mo. I'll check that out over the next week or so. Wasn't sure if the fish workers would have them all used up before that time.
  2. This has been covered before I'm sure but... Any ideas where I can park for free/ cheap in or around the city centre? Mon-Fri from approx 6.30 -3.30. Cheers.
  3. What happened to the custom guitar you were having built?!?
  4. So after being royally fucked and hung out to dry by my old employer I got a new job after 4 months of looking!!! Been working for a company I used to work with while looking and while I'm thankful to them for helping me out the hours were awful! Cant wait to get started in my new role in September. Woo woop.
  5. KSJ81

    Golf club advice

    Good stuff. glad there's another golf fan on here. I'll speak about it more now!
  6. KSJ81

    Golf club advice

    Good stuff. glad there's another golf fan on here. I'll speak about it more now!
  7. KSJ81

    Golf club advice

    My advice (as a fairly decent golfer) would be to try and get along to a decent shop and get fitted. Most manifacturers now do a range 3-4 sets and they will often do demo days. The big benefit I found in getting fitted is that I don't have any clubs in my bag that I don't use. I never use a 3 or 4 iron so when I changed clubs I got a set of irons I got a rescue club to replace the 4 iron and an extra wedge instead of a 3 iron. So I currently have. Driver. Fairway wood. Rescue. 5-9 iron. Then a 48, 52, and 56 degree wedges. Oh and a putter!! Getting fitted for my driver was a big game improver too as I found that my previous one was not suitable at all! Hope this helps a bit!!
  8. It smugglers cove now. My wee boy loves it! Always has a monster tantrum when he's told it's time to leave... They still have the death slide and the seatbelt climbing frame thing
  9. KSJ81

    Your current read?

    I just finished the family corleone. A prequel to the godfather. Really enjoyed it, but my obsession with Mafia films meant kept hearing voices of Mafia characters in my head while I read. the most disturbing was fat tony from the Simpsons every time don corleone spoke! Well worth a read if you like the genre though!
  10. Has anyone used any of the Turkish barbers in ABZ for a shave? Are they any good and how expensive are they?
  11. My favourite tele sound just now is the G&L bluesboy 90 and if I ever get round to switching the pick ups in mine it will be to the configuration of it! Single coil in the bridge and P90 in the neck.
  12. KSJ81

    Pet Hates!

    I have a new pet hate. I didn't realise it was until today as this was the first time I became aware of it. The woman across from me on the train this morning kept making the exact noise my wee boy makes when he's filling his nappy. I really hope she wasn't filling hers! It was truly disgusting. Don't do it people will think you're pooing!
  13. KSJ81


    I'm packing my bag in preparation of heading to Liverpool and Aintree for the weekend. Supposed to be for a mates stag but his mum is in hospital so he's cancelles. So it's now just a weekend away with some mates. Ladies day tomorrow at Aintree then some paintball, karting and drinking Saturday
  14. I was looking through the AFC heritage site at previous squads http://www.afcheritage.org/Team/CurrentSquad/index.cfm?Season=2004-05 and I realised I could make a team of Aberdeen players I really disliked so here goes. I should point out that these players are no necessarily the worst but I never took to them in the Red of my team. GK: Michael Watt - I hated him for being in goal in the season decider at Ibrox in 91 when we only needed a draw to win the league. RB: Jackie McNamara - He was woeful for us, and is a Celtic man through and through which has become evident with his team selections against them this season and shipping off United's best 2 players to them when they wer e still in with a shout of a trophy. All for a cut of the transfer fee too! Best thing he did in an Aberdeen shirt was keep running at Hampden when he got subbed LB: David Robertson - Jumped ship to the now dead club in the summer of 91 after losing the league to them. I hated him for this CB: Gary Smith - My abiding memory of him is scoring an own goal in extra time of the 92 league cup final against, yup you guessed it, the dead club CB: Zander Diamond- Again his constant flaunting of his love of all things Celtic never sat right with me. Also a lanky streak of pish and an absolute tool of a boy. MR: Ricky Foster - I feel this selection needs no explanation. MC: Jamie Winter- He makes my team for no other reason than being a horrible excuse for a footballer. Typical signing of the time, a pre Madonna who was only interested in picking up his pay check and a big mac or 5 MC: Stephen Hughes - His former employers aside, he infuriated me with his sideways passing, slow movement and his blatant couldn't give a fuck attitude to being an Aberdeen player. Another wage thief. ML: Jeffery De Visscher - The slowest winger I can recall in my time watching professional football. Also featured in the period where Hearts loved putting 4 goals past us which is always hard to take. FC: Scott Michie - 1 goal in 25 apperances. Also had the mis fortune of meeting him on more than one occasion and like Diamond a horrible individual. Found his level at Loco's FC:Sone Aluko - Apart from his goal against FC Bayern I disliked everything about him. Lazy, uninterested and showed his true colours when he left Aberdeen. There we have it. My all time staring 11 I hate.
  15. Southall was a beast. Just unfortunate he was Welsh and played at his peak when English clubs were banned from European competitions. 1 Cup winners cup medal. 2 League championships and 2 FA cups with Everton too. I'm sticking by him!
  16. I just remembered about Giggs too which got me thinking about that man Utd midfield of the late 90's so here is an updated one from me. 3-4-3 Southall Campbell Adams Staunton (sweeper) Beckham Scholes Keane (DM) Giggs Bale Linekar/ Rush ( just can't decide) Rooney
  17. goalkeeper I'm going to go for Southall. 96 caps for Wales and was immense for Everton from mid 80's to early 90's. Defence I am struggling for a RB but I'll go for McKimmie for his part in the Dons team of the 80's and his goal against Argentina in 91! LB Baines. Still in his early international days but a great attacking full back who can defend Very well. CB tempted to go for MacLeish and Miller based on the great partnership they had for both the Dons and Scotland. Midfield 3 of Bale who is a very special player. Roy Keane for his authority and discipline and Beckham for his football brain and ability with the ball at feet. Forwards. Rooney in the hole with a free role and then Linekar and Rush banging the goals in for fun.
  18. Hud the bus, who the fuck is 40?!? I know I had a hard paper round when I was younger but 40?!? Cheeky little scamp.
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