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  1. I have a ZT Club (the 12" version) that I go back and forth on the idea of selling. If you're interested drop me a pm.
  2. Wish I'd seen the post about the Matchless earlier.
  3. I want to put casters on a combo but I'm not the type who's handy with a drill, screwdriver etc. Anyone local who'd do it for a fair price?
  4. Thanks for that. Spoke to the guy at Flynns, Nice bloke but tried to talk me out of it on the grounds I'd be desecrating a fine old combo. All very well but if it's too heavy for me to use it and in too delapidated a condition to be an easy sell, it may still be the best option.
  5. Yeah obviously you can Google on Aberdeen packaging or similar and some names will come up, it's just whether they'd bother with that kind of one-off of something fragile at a reasonable price. Predictably most look like they are touting for oil-industry business. I could just phone round but hoped someone on here could point me in the right direction.
  6. Might be a decent solutions if I were half-way competent at that sort of practical stuff but I'm not. And it's an amp I've owned a long time so I would want the aesthetics to be decent - the existing casing is completely knackered.
  7. Thanks. TBH I'd prefer to use someone with some experience of doing it. There's Zilla in Bristol but then you're into transportation issues. I'm often enough in Edinburgh/Glasgow etc that I could deliver it. I haven't totally decided but I might just go for the head and ditch the speaker - it's 15" and very old.
  8. Anyone know someone local (or even in Scotland) who can do a conversion to a head and cab?
  9. No one's asking you to. It was worth it to me.
  10. The Classic is most definitely not for sale.
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