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  1. Except Man Or Astro Man? maybe, but that's sort of at the opposite end of the spectrum. I think I'll get them in my ears today.
  2. I went through a big phase of listening to surfy stuff, but I don't think anything comes close to The Bunnys.
  3. Yas, Takeshi Terauchi is surftastic. That Bunnys album is unreal.
  4. I thought it was entertaining, but it was a pure arsehole move to start slagging off a team that have clambered admirably to a quarter final penalty shoot out. Especially after racking up a pitiful 2 minutes of playtime.
  5. I bet he's against mosh pits too. Lame!
  6. You should get a load of red bull from the cash and carry and flog it to the kids. Easy money.
  7. Good to see Costa Rica go down fighting like a cornered wolf. Foiled by that Game of Thrones character of a goalie. It was a bit like the Gerard Butler film 300, except this time the Persians won.
  8. I used GSPC to hunt for stuff, but it's not particularly all-encompassing. Enjoy your well cheap rent.
  9. I'm temporarily switching alegience to Colombia for tonight. Hope they pure gub the hosts. I'm stoked for tomorrow, Costa Rica's finest will be showing those Dutch marijuana addicts the door.
  10. Aside from my sweeeeeet custom amp, my most obscure bit of gear is probably my tiny red Guyatone fuzz pedal which is almost entirely unmusical.
  11. I have embarked upon my final trip offshore. Yas miiiiin.
  12. I doubt you'll find many non-high school bands that will want to play at your high school for free. So as long as that's not a problem, break a leg.
  13. I would suggest having a clear idea of the charity you want to support prior to anything else. Also, very much doubt you'll be able to use a school as a venue after hours.
  14. ...and not forgetting that Costa Rica have the hunger of a thousand lions.
  15. The Netherlands will taste defeat of hands of the Costa Rican renegades. Victory or death!
  16. What an ending. Algeria did extremely well getting one in against that powerhouse of a keeper.
  17. Och, that was tense stuff. Costa Rican Juggernaut rampages on. Suck it Greece.
  18. It's just another day of shorts weather for the future folk heroes of the Costa Rica international squad. Being the noise!
  19. Tonight should be a good stretch of the legs for the Quarters. Fuck off Europe.
  20. You're a living online betting advert.
  21. My gay cartoon idol is Wyle E Coyote.
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