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  1. On the other hand, I don't want to be a VIP wanker. I would say that Primavera excels at being a pretty big festival without treating the masses like cattle. My financial situation could be fairly shite next year, so I'm going to hold off until after Christmas and see what's what.
  2. I reckon I could drink enough beer to make that worth the dough...
  3. My Dream XI is just the Costa Rican 2014 starting lineup. You're going to see some excellent sportsmanship I'll wager.
  4. I'll take noble Costa Rica.
  5. Old Gold

    Pet Hates!

    I'm with Moon Moon on this one. Babies and children are mega boring.
  6. The working for free part is a fucking awful idea.
  7. Who will smoke tabbies and eat rowies with you now James.
  8. It's never ok to use "**". Bad word alert!
  9. Because Nigger is a particularly nasty, demeaning word historically used by white men who owned black people as property.
  10. Slump was broken by The Dismemberment Plan though. Fucking yas.
  11. I think Spoon was my biggest disappointment. Might have been my post-Superchunk Superslump, but they seemed well middle of the road. Today I've eaten a bunch of seafood and ice cream and ain't looking forward to returning to Glasgow.
  12. The singing during Jesu was hilarious, but the guitar was crushing.
  13. I will fight to the death RE Ygritte. Total dreamgirl.
  14. Still exclusively playing Hearthstone. Still mediocre as fuck.
  15. Frank What is punk. Really really good acting, really REALLY good sound track. A celebration of the people out on the corners. I just loved it. 10/10
  16. Spotify has been weird recently. The problems aren't even consistent. On my one, offline playlists are refusing to play (offshore anyway. Could be a symptom of shit rig internet) and my ma's iPad app crashes if you try and change the volume while playing a track. Sort it out.
  17. It just occurred to me that I've never put my Les Paul through the Verellen. I think I'll hold off until I aquire two 4x12s.
  18. I have a 2005 Gibson Standard in the cupboard that gets the occasional airing. I'm a bit 50/50 on it. On one hand, it's a cumbersome beast and the clean tone doesn't really excite me. But I really like the neck and with a heap of drive it sounds crushing. I think you can get better bang for your buck elsewhere to be honest, but I think I'd regret getting rid of it.
  19. No room for it in my stable unfortunately, but I really like the mongrel guitar's vibe. It's like a Telecaster Custom/Gretsch/Silvertone/ES 335 mashup. Doubt 100 quid is gonna keep you off the streets for long. You should keep it, travel the country by freight train and be a down on your luck blues man.
  20. Good English Vocation. A job in a Sheffield Steel Mill.
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