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  1. That's all very well, but why can't Lucky Rathen moderate my broken heart?
  2. Still here. I'll get some photos up this afternoon. It's currently sat in Glasgow, but I can get it up to Aberdeen towards the end of next week if that sounds good?
  3. It was a shame that the Costa Rican Strike Force didn't destroy David Cameron's favourite football team, but I feel the boys made a good job of resting up for SUDDEN DEATH. Nails group. Top of the pops.
  4. Those Fenders must be real workhorses to survive 2 weeks in your bedroom before getting traded in on a whim.
  5. Holy fuck, that is beautiful.
  6. I'm listening on 5 live. The commentators pure cream themselves whenever Italy move in the general direction of the Costa Rica net. Suckers.
  7. Old Gold

    Pet Hates!

    Oh fuck yes. It's especially depressing now that I've hidden about 80% of my aquaintances. There's practically nothing on there, yet I still idly scroll down the wall before hurtling out of bed to greet the morning.
  8. I'm pleased as punch for my wrecking machines. Hope they can keep it up for the second half. Let's see how many articles the Guardian write about that old fuck Pirlo after we shut him down for another 45 minutes.
  9. You fools. Costa Rica have hunger. Italy have a midfielder with a bunch of buzzfeed articles written about his hairstyle. Pathetic.
  10. Did they arrive in a separate tour bus, leaving you no time to untuck your shirt?
  11. I hope England win tonight so that the weaponised football of Costa Rica is the defeat that sends them back to Blighty.
  12. The boss eyed German lady is beautiful.
  13. I didn't really consider The Hound coming back. Maybe he'll return to take on his souped up brother and complete his redemption.
  14. Plus all the people in your school with developed music taste will probably avoid it anyway, so you'll have the audience eating out of your hand. Break a leg.
  15. I think he can only possess Hodor because he's not the sharpest spoon in the drawer. Is Hodor smarter than a dragon? Who is to say.
  16. Why did everyone forget to score loads of quality goals?
  17. I keep seeing Daenerys being described as a 'fan favourite'. Who the fuck are those people?
  18. Bump. Keen to get rid of this.
  19. I'll presume that you ain't referring to Bran's hapless pal. I'm surprised he made it past infancy in Westeros.
  20. Aye, a lot of it seemed really rushed. Seems like some stuff might have been cut out - The Hound bumming about on a hill 10 miles away from the gate with Arya, waiting to be dispatched for being a cheeky shite seemed especially lazy. Especially with him being developed into a more sympathetic character. Maybe it was a theme that all the deaths were a bit pathetic... Tywin dies on the toilet, Bran's pal gets casually stabbed by a dismembered skeleton arm and the Hound is left to expire after falling off a cliff. I dunno, it just felt a bit 'it's the end of the season, time to kill a bunch of big people off in the same episode'.
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