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  1. Who wants to invest in my cafe that exclusively serves obscure packets of crisps from around the world? Get me the Guardian's most cynical columnist on the phone.
  2. I wouldn't feel too bad. I imagine they weren't expecting national publicity when they put together their pure shonky business plan.
  3. I think it's largely dependent on colour. I think the green/tinted maple combo is pretty swell. They've got something with a rosewood neck that I'm also well into:
  4. As an aside, Merchant City Music seem to have well upped their game since I was last in past. They're getting wads of Reverends in too.
  5. Aye, metallic sherwood green. It's at a pretty premium price for a Squier, so might be worth a crack.
  6. Saw this in Merchant City Music the other day. See's it.
  7. Surely the smell of blood and poop carried through to the living room from the hallway? How unpleasant.
  8. Old Gold

    Pet Hates!

    The restaurant/bar thing I work for is becoming inundated with posh cunts of the severest magnitude in the run up to Christmas.
  9. Old Gold

    Pet Hates!

    Queues are for suckers. Weaklings.
  10. Old Gold

    Pet Hates!

    Your car doesn't have a toilet roll holder? Weird.
  11. Old Gold

    TV Series!!

    I've been firing through Jericho on Netflix. It's like Neighbours but post-apocalyptic. Lots of feelings, lots of fechts. Quality Television.
  12. You can get a reaaaally good second hand Fender valve for a couple hundred quid more. Be a mooch a while longer and there are bargains to be had. Or Orange. I love an Orange.
  13. Also, the entry level Project turntable is the damage.
  14. I've got a muckle pair of passive speakers you can have if you want bud.
  15. Advertising this item of Quality Gear for a friend. It's a Korg Triton Studio 61 keyboard, and it can be yours for the tidy sum of 400 quid. If any prospective buyers want to PM me or write back in this post, I'll pass you on to him. I know hee-haw about keyboards, but here's a glossy photo: It's sat in Glasgow if any fellow exiles are interested, although the seller travels up to Aberdeen often, so will happily deliver.
  16. Old Gold

    Pet Hates!

    A chap with the rattliest moped ever used to live across the road from me at Erskine St. No doubt that it needed a warm up in the winter, as it sounded like a lawnmower with a chain made of grenades stuck in it for a ferocious 10 minutes or so before he finally chanced taking it out on the open road ever morning. Take the fucking bus people.
  17. Happy Saturday everyone.
  18. Looked like Papa Johns regular guage to me (possibly acquired from my wheelie bin). I've got a photo that I will post later. HYPE.
  19. I witnessed a squirrel up a tree in the garden eating an entire slice of pizza today. Mesmerising.
  20. I got an achievement for 1000 wins on Hearthstone. What is outside like.
  21. Old Gold

    Pet Hates!

    Like classical musical enthusiasts. Fucking hipsters.
  22. Aye, I think their PA is fairly boggin' for anything bigger than a 2 piece of memory serves. Shrewd move on the rum.
  23. Still need to listen to the new album, but I can't believe somebody claimed that the Presidents of the USA had no substance. Probably the best live band I've ever seen. Ultimate power pop.
  24. Got the afternoon off work quite by chance. Especially welcome due to suffering a fairly blunt hangover after drinking mingin' pints at the Old Hairdressers last night.
  25. What is wrong with the Fender painting department. Just make everything sonic blue or surf green already.
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