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  1. I think I'm with you there. The pacing did feel a bit off. Fight between Brienne of Fucking Tarth and the Hound was my personal highlight I think. Brutal. The Daenerys-sitting-in-her-chair thing was still a total yawn. I guess she's going to invent democracy or something at some point.
  2. It's su-chapati to see this transpiring.
  3. You're wrong. They will fall to their knees before mighty Cost Rica like the peons they are. edit: And maybe scrape a draw with poor, poor Uruguay.
  4. Besides, Uruguay will lash out at the rest of you European scoundrels like a cornered animal, leaving the honorable Costa Ricans perched proudly atop group D.
  5. The Costa Rican bulldozer will not be stopped by some cigarette smoking Italians.
  6. It turns out that my amp doesn't really get dirty at high gain high volume, it just sounds like a rogue wave hitting a cruise liner. So I bought a Proco Rat to add some filth.
  7. Also, just to round off the Gretsch trinity -
  8. 1970s Silverface Fender Princeton loaded with a ripped Line 6 Spider speaker. The possibilities are endless.
  9. But what if it does! Maybe a 60s Mustang mutilated with a squint Bigsby and an upside down headstock is on the horizon.
  10. I can't wait to see what happens.
  11. Rather not. If you can get it sold, make me an offer?
  12. Aye, must admit it's fairly disappointing that the mystery speakers have gone to another gear butcher.
  13. Plus Suarez won't be able to flop to the ground as dramatically due to his sore knee.
  14. I propose a relatively mild 3-1 humping.
  15. Dying to see what the new amp is. I bet it's the one.
  16. Kudos for getting some sucker to take that atrocious acoustic off your hands.
  17. Was it an absolute bargain or something? I don't get why you'd splurge on something so weirdly modified then spend time and more dough to essentially make it into a standard Mexican strat.
  18. Is it from the same guy who put vintage speakers in a fender frontman? Weird mod club are go.
  19. I'm dying to see this thing.
  20. A strat with an extra pickup?
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