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  1. New pedals. Picked up a long paid for Proco Rat which sounds pure DOOM teamed up with my Strat and the Verellen's dirty channel (unfortunately the Charvel San Dimas is the latest guitar to be usurped by it's old stablemate as my go-to pick up and play). Also got Stroopy's old TU2 from the post office, so all the sludge is in tune.
  2. I daresay there are some genitals in his freezer that might answer such a quandary.
  3. The guitar lines in the new song are so sick.
  4. From what I recall they can be a bit frustrating on the drilling side. Big reputation for digging it quickly instead of digging it carefully. That was 3 years ago though, so they might have gone a bit wooly by now.
  5. Me too, but it's the principle damn it. I think being treated like a cunt is just part of being a service hand. At least I wasn't a Production service hand though... those folks got major lumps.
  6. Worked with them as a service hand when they had just taken over the Beryl Bravo. Put an end to the cheap tabbies immediately. Bastards.
  7. Stripper bus it is then, Captain America.
  8. Love the tasteful photography backdrop btw. Do you do weddings?
  9. Would defs take the TU2 for a tenner on your continued problems diagnosis, but surely it's well easy to troubleshoot it with different cables and sell it on for at least 40?
  10. Thomann's photo team deserve a round of applause. Cruel bastards. Currently gassing after a Guild D-40 Standard a little bit.
  11. He doesn't get on with my gay Islamist red-headed second cousin though.
  12. It's cool guys, my friend is a dead small black person.
  13. Old Gold

    Pet Hates!

    If you're veggie, Hass's chips are no good. Think they fry everything in animal fat.
  14. Old Gold

    Pet Hates!

    Chip shops in Glasgow are across the board pretty wash. North EAST. Hass, represent.
  15. Hey guys, anyone want to do my job too?
  16. Frankly Improved Thinker, we should be paying you.
  17. Old Gold

    Pet Hates!

    You can literally just not social network with anyone who uses social networking like shit. It probably won't hurt their feelings at all, although preferably it will.
  18. 'Raise Minimum Wage Now'
  19. All my noodles include the slow-down-time dive bomb from Eruption now. Bwaaaoooooooooo...
  20. Richtone Music got a pile of the last of the Made in Japan Charvels, so I thought fuck it and took a punt on buying blind. I was a little apprehensive about the floyd, but after softening up my touch on the whammy bar, it's really grown on me. The Seymour 59 in the neck was also a gamble that paid off - I thought that it would be a bit too flabby, but the humbuckers both have plenty of percussive bite. They go extremely well with my amp too, so I'm chuffed to bits. Must admit that there's not a world of difference between it and the Mexican one I tried quality wise, but it's certainly a looker.
  21. I like the head for carting about. Wouldn't worry about a combo not being loud enough unless you plan on playing a music festival in the 70s.
  22. I've had this item for a couple of weeks now. It's a punk rock generator.
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