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  1. Wanted , tenor sax

    What ya got ? Cash waiting
  2. Hotel looking for regular artists

    You have a private message
  3. Bargains , much cheapness

    Gibson CJ 165 (a mini SJ 200) , good condition with Gibson case , sunburst over rosewood £900 fender red knob combo , super 60 , all valves recently replaced , good condition , loud and very heavy £300 yamaha alto saxophone YAS 275 , not played since serviced (re-pad) by David chandler in 2014 £300
  4. Pedals for sale

    Looper sold
  5. Pedals for sale

    Ram jam music have a few aura pedals , try them
  6. Pedals for sale

    DD-6 and aura sold
  7. Pedals for sale

    Boss RC 20 XL looper , boxed , as new £100 Boss DD6 digital delay , boxed , as new £50 Fishman aura acoustic imaging , orchestra model , as new , boxed £50
  8. Telecaster wanted

    Sorted , thanks
  9. Telecaster wanted

    Sent you a message
  10. No idea what to offer , how much do you want ? .......or did Brian buy it already ?

  11. Telecaster wanted

    Anything considered , what have you got , reply here or pm if you prefer
  12. Mature Bass Player Wanted

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  13. Mustang for strat trade

    I have a 66 too if you were looking to spend a bit more ........it's a rosewood board too though
  14. Mustang for strat trade

    I presume you've seen the photos so you'll know it has a rosewood fretboard , let me know if you change your mind
  15. Mustang for strat trade

    Hi , I have a 1971 strat currently for sale at moon guitars in glasgow , photos and description can be found on the moon guitars website , I'd swap that for your mustang and £2500