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  1. Black , as new in box £180
  2. You would probably need a sub for the kick drum , the speakers are switched on the rear for use with a sub (I’ve been using an EV sub with them with very good results ) let me know if you want to see / hear them , we will be in the globe next Saturday 7th
  3. Cracking wee combo amp , rumoured to be the last amp paul riviera designed before he left fender to set up on his own VGC c/w original footswitch £300
  4. Pair of Yamaha DXR 8 active speakers c/w thomann fitted covers , as new in boxes 1100W with 8”speaker and horn stop lugging round heavy speakers and get these , amazing sound for the size , you won’t be disappointed £550 for the pair , bargain
  5. What ya got ? Cash waiting
  6. Gibson CJ 165 (a mini SJ 200) , good condition with Gibson case , sunburst over rosewood £900 fender red knob combo , super 60 , all valves recently replaced , good condition , loud and very heavy £300 yamaha alto saxophone YAS 275 , not played since serviced (re-pad) by David chandler in 2014 £300
  7. Ram jam music have a few aura pedals , try them
  8. DD-6 and aura sold
  9. Boss RC 20 XL looper , boxed , as new £100 Boss DD6 digital delay , boxed , as new £50 Fishman aura acoustic imaging , orchestra model , as new , boxed £50
  10. No idea what to offer , how much do you want ? .......or did Brian buy it already ?

  11. Anything considered , what have you got , reply here or pm if you prefer
  12. I have a 66 too if you were looking to spend a bit more ........it's a rosewood board too though
  13. I presume you've seen the photos so you'll know it has a rosewood fretboard , let me know if you change your mind
  14. Hi , I have a 1971 strat currently for sale at moon guitars in glasgow , photos and description can be found on the moon guitars website , I'd swap that for your mustang and £2500
  15. Her dad and step mum lived in the same building as me in rosemount back in the mid 90's , sandi and her brother used to help me and her dad wash our cars when they were kids
  16. Her step mum (dad sandy's new wife) is also called sandy and worked full time in a shop on union street , not exactly a sign of having a loaded husband
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