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saddest item of clothing you own


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Guest *alex*

I own an age 4-5years old top and skirt from George (ASDA)...on the top, written in the black hairdye once used on sam annals hair..is "You are a cunt"..

I don't wear them..they're just pinned up on a pin board on my wall..

probably the worst items of clothing i own.. :D

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stone cold steve austin socks

oh hell yeah...erm....what other catchphrases did he have??

all very cool until theyre the last pair of socks youve got left and you put them on only to go out that very nite having forgotten you were wearing them and relise in a drunken haze that hey maybe being the only person over the age of 8 to have wrestling socks isnt actually all that cool after all.......


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my saddest piece of clothing is a creamy orange looking holey cardigan that comes down to just the top of the ribcage..its supossed to be there ( so i was told) but i hate wearing it out because it looks very very very very nasty...orange just aint a good colour...yucky! its retro gone wrong...my gran wouldnt even wear it!

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Guest Ancient Mariner
my buffy the vampire slayer pyjamas. i shit thee not.

Is that for males or females? What characters are featured? Do they come in extra-large?

I realise you're not actually selling them yourself, but you can answer these questions.

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