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  1. hey im in valentine, has the gig been completely cancelled? Hmmmm....I was looking forward to it.Oh well, let me know.
  2. foetusgrrl

    Full day of music at Drummonds 28th May

    hey do you know what the gig order will be...as in whose on first,second etc?? Im really lookin forward to seeing anavris.The whole day looks kickass.
  3. foetusgrrl

    Match Point!

    I have just returned from the cinema where i went to see the new Woody Allen film Match Point. I am usually a big fan of his and so was my friend. We decided that out of 10 we would give it a 6. That was only because of the beautiful cast of Johnathan Rhys Meyers (for me) and Scarlette Johannisson(for him....sorry for the bad spelling) anyway, it was not a completely terrible film and it did have some good themes in it...i was just wondering if anyone else had seen it yet and what they thought of it. Should Woody Allen retire for good or was it just one ok film out of his catalogue of ace films?
  4. foetusgrrl


    cheers i know asda at the bridge of dee aint taking on staff at the moment i got a few friends who work there. Thanks for the tips..i cant work in makro cuz its too far away...however Internationale..hee hee..now that is a job i will apply for... if anyone else knows about any more jobs keep posting...thankya xx
  5. foetusgrrl


    Does anyone know about any part time jobs going at the moment? (the harbour is not an option!) anyway really needing a job so would be cool if anyone knows what kinda jobs are available just now... cheersx
  6. foetusgrrl


    got the wrong forum ...never mind what i said ..
  7. foetusgrrl

    cuts tracks on myspace

    for the record to get it straight!once and for all for anyone who actually gives a fuck! les has been out the band for a while and we now have a whole new set list...i wrote the silence of you (without the keys) and played it about a year ago at my acoustic set..now i refuse to get into disputes about who wrote what because in my opinon it is a waste of time...however,what i will say is what cuts are recording very soon all our new songs..over the past 5 months i have written lots of songs and we cant wait to record them....cheers for the feed back guys...so our new stuff will be out i would say in the next couple of months...the songs that les predominantely wrote are no longer in use and there is no question of copyright and i dont really know why ollie said that,but he was just stating his thoughts i suposse. lucyx
  8. foetusgrrl

    love songs

    "have i told you lately" van morrisson...it might be called "lately" anyway the song it beautiful,seriously i like shacking up to van morrisson....
  9. foetusgrrl

    fudge award tickets...

    on a slightly different note...how dressy are people dressing up for on friday? i am wearing a black dress...sounds boring,but i think its nice....are the guys out there gonna wear kilts...is there gonna be people virtually naked...tell all...(unless you are all waiting to surprise folk when we all get there!)hee hee
  10. foetusgrrl


    ollie what are you on about?
  11. foetusgrrl


    we play stuff similar to pj harvey,the cure,kinda dirty pop sound,we like every type of music...except metal! we also try to sound bit like grandaddy,sioxsie and the banshees (shit spelt that wrong i think)hee hee..just pretty much everything so tell me what ya think! if its not yer cuppa tea then get back to me anyway..theres loads more bands i could list but i dont know what your into...what kinda stuff do you like? cheers lucyx
  12. foetusgrrl


    does anyone fancy coming along to a "cuts" practise and playing some keyboard? it would be ace if someone actually replied to this cuz we have looked with not much luck...i just think our music may sound better with a keyboard beefing up our sound a little!hee hee... hope someone can help us.... cheersx
  13. foetusgrrl

    fudge award tickets...

    does anyone know or think if the fudge award tickets will be all sold out on friday..cuz thats when i was gonna buy one,on my way in...i didnt think they would be but i am not sure how many folk are gonna be there so maybe they will be... cheersx
  14. foetusgrrl

    saddest item of clothing you own

    my saddest piece of clothing is a creamy orange looking holey cardigan that comes down to just the top of the ribcage..its supossed to be there ( so i was told) but i hate wearing it out because it looks very very very very nasty...orange just aint a good colour...yucky! its retro gone wrong...my gran wouldnt even wear it!
  15. foetusgrrl

    Albums that you grew up listening to?

    pretty on the inside-hole blue-joni mitchell dry-pj harvey boy-u2 van morrisson...my folks have all his stuff and neil young.. this was the music i heard when i was a kiddywink...big sister liked hole and pj...and that has rubbed off onto me! wish i was still a kid...seriously wouldnt be as much shit that we adults have to put up with! heee hee