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  1. the only ones - another girl another planet im sure i could find some wonderfully profound bullshitty reason why but screw it...its the one song that i can never get bored of and sends a shiver down my spine everytime (and yeh i relise thats a hugely generic reason but..meh) (oh and for prosperitys sake number 2 is gimme shelter by the stones and number 3 androgynous by the replacements...again that whole shiver down the spine every time dealy)
  2. Personally i think its the only ones another girl another planet no contest at all
  3. hey im a fanboy, humour me, i was still holding out for another jabba the hutt appearance to...sadly nay... on a slightly even geekier note has anyone played the ACE playstation 2 game of episode 3?? the actual main game itself sucks but the deathmatch feature kicks all ass..
  4. ace film a million times better than episodes one and two but not as good as the originals...damn rose tinted memories... yes the acting was a bit cringe worthy at times but hey dont forget that the original trilogy starred Mark "couldntacthimselfoutofawetpaperbag" Hamill and on the plus side the guy Hayden thingy...Darth Vader...was ten times better at playing 'Angry' then playing the 'Whiny teen' he was in episode two best bits... everything to do with lightsabers CHEWBACCA!! (albeit he's barely in it and to be honest seemed more like Lucas apoligising to the us for jar jar binks) the climatic fight between anakin and ewan...he catches on fire...ACE! everything of Yoda, the order 66 bit, prototype tie fighters, THAT music, is that the death star at the end? all ace moment the only crap parts..... um...christopher lee dies pretty quickly and...uh..i wanted boba fett...but thats all i can really think of (ok yeh the childbirth sequence was a bit shite)
  5. in my ever so modest opinion iggy and the stooges- raw power lou reed- transformer elliott smith- either/or the replacements- dont tell a soul the rezillos- cant stand the rezillos sly and the family stone- Fresh ian dury and the blockheads- reasons to be cheerful (ok i kinda cheated, its a best of thingy) velvet underground- loaded (am i the only one who thinks the first album is vastly overated btw?) nina simone- broadway. blues. ballads black box recorder- facts of life
  6. longest day bitchs robert mitchum AND john wayne in the same film classic also shout outs to the mighty Kellys Heroes, the dirty dozen (come on anyone who watched it the program last nite, how could you not smile at the sight of charles bronson shooting an unarmed dude from behind or lee marvin chucking all those grenades in the hole with all the guest about to be blown apart?) das boot and thus generally any film that had Clint or John Wayne kicking some evil nazi/commie ass oh and zulu was robbed
  7. A- Average white band B- Black Box Recorder C- Curtis Mayfield D- Dead Boys E- Elliott Smith F- Flamin Groovies G- Guns 'N Roses H- Hole I- Iggy and the Stooges J- James Brown K- Koufax L- Lou Reed M- Marvin Gaye N- New york Dolls O- Ohio Players P- Patti Smith Q- Quincy Jones R- Roy Ayers S- Sly and the family stone T- Tom waits U- Undisputed Truth V- Veruca Salt W- Warren Zevon X- X-Ray Spex Y- Young Heart Attack Z- Zoot Woman that was lamely quite fun...
  8. gram parsons-- kiss the children
  9. wait wait slow down a second....your trying to tell us that "the Hulkster" would be involved in an even slightly racist angle... no no that doesnt sound right at all...next you'll be telling us that he made a career of beating up ethnic minoritys and protecting America from 'traitorous' Iraq sympathisers... out of intrest what did he do??
  10. warren zevon- dirty little religon
  11. Manic Street Preachers- Little Baby Nothing
  12. james brown- its a man's man's man's world
  13. ok im still easily confused by technology....but hey i write about crap films and comics...joy myspace is confusing
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