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being ill sucks


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oh the joys, i found out yesterday that i have a low platelet count in my blood

which is due to viral arthritis which i was diagnosed with 2 weeks ago.

so i am now susceptable to catching anything and if i do its worse than usual :swearing:

so people are now my no.1 enemy

im also having to take 15 pills a day, not incuding paracitemol and throat sweets....grrrr

the only good thing about this is that i get to do all my college work at home and just e-mail it to my tutors when im done.

cant move, cant talk :(

anyone been so annoyingly ill that they are just :help:

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man that totally blows, i know how you feel...

over a year ago was diagnoised with Spheretosis (sp?) which is a form of Anemia (sp?) which affects the blood.. so rather than having a lack of iron in my blood i have a lack of blood in my blood.

its only mild so thankfully i dont have to get my Apendix removed! :| but it does mean i'm sometimes really really tired!

but nothing like that!, so you have my sympathies man! :(

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At least you've been given medication for it. I have asthma which is mostly under control but sometimes chronic and a few years ago I had constant pain in my chest and my doctor told me to rest and drink orange juice. Incidently, my boyfriend at the time was a little bit ill and his doctor gave him antibiotics straight away.

So a few nights later after coughing for several hours on end I ended up at hospital in the middle of the night, diagnosed with a severe chest infection, had to be nebulised and put on steroids for a fornight. It was three months before I was finally clear of that infection and all I have to do it sniff now and my doctor puts me back on the steroids straight away, I think he learnt his lesson there!!

Sorry to hear you're not well, though at least it's not aids.

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Untitled, I hope you feel better soon man.

I have been ill before but I have the controversial illness (in some peoples eyes), depression. Over the last 4 years I have been up and down with this. It is a physical illness because it made my blood pressure go through the roof, so fuck you sceptics lol.

Seriously man, hope you feel better soon. All the best

Hog :rockon:

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Yeah I had to come home from work early yesterday, cos I have some stupid sickness bug or food poisoning either way it sucks being sick alot and a reallly bad headache and I aint ate since Tuesday I love my food too much to go without it for a day oh listen to me feeling sorry formyself

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cant move' date=' cant talk :(


Cry me a river dick face!

Ive had Kidney Stones since the age of 15!

i've had 17 stones all to gether - 11 of which have been pissed out 8 of when have been a little larger than a grain of rice!

Ive been cut open and had all sorts of medical items forced up my penis hole!

I am currently waiting for surgery for I have 3 stones lodged in my kidney tube the largest is the size of a 2 pence piece!

so please - pain isnt pain until you piss blood, stones and pieces of the inside of your Urethra...

(ps - i miss you allie)

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Guest Algo Crums

im ill atm....my throat is on fire, eyes are burning, stomach is sore,i was in a cold sweat now im way too warm and im also getting shooting pains down my arms and back.....oh the fun i have

by the way u all have my sympathys

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