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  1. Pardon? thats mwah your talking about there ma boy! and only went in there for a drink!, dear god! it was horrible!
  2. getting all of season two imported from america! yus! cant wait!
  3. well depends on your definition of heavy haha, for me light rock is like Katatonia, Iron maiden, Lacuna coil..
  4. Generally i find getting your head in a good book, a juice and some kind of light rock or jazz in the back ground and an early night generally help
  5. rhinoisgod@hotmail.com if your interested, i'm a 4th year computer science student and have a fairly good idea what i'm doing with dreamweaver, html and php etc.
  6. hussh you!, its is THE single greatest film this year!
  7. I agree with the general feeling here, i've not actually read the graphic novels, but to me the whole film just didnt make much sense... well i did make sense but just didnt have a point!
  8. Just seen this glorious film!... its actually fantastic! i really enjoyed it! only i think its too short at a mear hour and a half! but its awesome all the way through!... the stories seems a bitch sketchy from the outline but you just have to see it to understand it really.... the zombies dont really learn as such... they just kind of "monkey see monkey do" as such... as for dead reckoning!... its awesome!! you'll all love the sly hints at "Day of the dead" in the sense that there is "an outpost" out there somewhere
  9. Not sure if any of you actually noticed this but the way the Wayne Estate was portrayed to be so close to gotham (during the car scene) then when in later shows after the house burns down you see lots of nice shots of the scenery not a city in sight for miles just wondered if anyone else noticed that?
  10. Just the minute ordered it from DVD.co.uk, saw a review of it last night and thought i'd check it out, currently a Player of Final Fantasy 11 but the monthly fees are shit considering i hardly play it because of lack of time.. so This wil be a fine change, will give you a shout when i gets it
  11. F**king shit computing department.. *grumble grumble grumble* 3 Days till Results deadline and out of 4 exams i have 0 results, grrrowl... and no one likes the fact that the year long Software Engineering coursework that was handed in about 9 weeks ago STILL hasnt been marked ( Department policy is that it be returned within 2 weeks of handing it in!... god damn it!!! grrowl!
  12. This is weird, just last night i decided to try and learn PHP and then this thread starts, i dare say if your going to try and design a Message board or something similar i recommend starting off a little smaller especially if your a newbie to HTML etc... another option for you could be using Java Servlets and JSP, as its pretty good for None dynamic web pages. You could set up the database on a remote server. have the JSP talking to a Java servlet which would provide your JSP with all the DB information it requires... but i guess it all depends on what your course asks you to use, but all i have to say is be prepared for the challenges of trying to set up PHP, Apache and mySQL on your home computer!! http://webmonkey.wired.com/webmonkey/00/44/index4a.html?tw=programming - is a pretty good website for the basics of setting up PHP and Apache doesnt give much on how to plug in mySQL into the picture tho... also http://www.w3schools.com/php/default.asp - this is a pretty good php tutorial site to get you through the basics of PHP and behond. hope this is helpful
  13. Truely i feel as if the last part of my soul hath been raped after looking at that sight.... what has humanity come to...
  14. I saw Said SK manager 2 sundays ago when i was out with my dad and his mate, needless to say the look for fear in his eyes as a gazed in his direction gave me most satisfaction...
  15. one night when i was doing security for the travel in i was going through the guest list for the evening... only to see... B. Simpson and M. Burns both on the same night!, coincidence.. i think not! but a bit more on the subject... i always thought bob was a cool name, has a ting to it
  16. 1) Why was Goldie killed and not eaten? Why was Marv the "target"? If the mayor bloke was so powerful, surely the word of a hooker wasn't so frightening? Goldie was killed and not eaten to frame marv for the whole thing, he was the "fall guy" they were looking for to take the rap. and if she was eaten well wouldnt have left much evidence besides marv would have heard got up and kicked some ass! 2) Was the girl (Jessica Alba - I forget the characters name) just being hunted down to tie up loose ends, finish the job so to speak? r was there another reason? Nancy (Jessica Alba) wasnt being hunted down, it was just a final attempt by Roriks son to exact final revenge upon Hanigan (bruce willace) 3) How many books are there, and what order do they come in? Do they have to be read in order? not actually sure as i've not actually read the books but the books are exactly the same as the film apparently. But there are plenty of other stories from everyones favorite sinful city. Just go on ebay and do a search hope thats helped?!
  17. *swoons* Ahh it was a horribly hung over morning at my mate steves flat.. when i spoted it.. Action force the Movie...Sergeant Slaughter is my hero! when he is fighting the bad ass alien dude with wings... "this is for me, This is for (some random dude, and This IS FOR ACTION FORCE!!" or other such classics as "You get out of my camp in one of two ways, on your feet like a soldier... or in a ditty bag... and itty ditty ditty bag" I dare say the whole thing had me rolling on the floor crying with tears of joy! i've never been so proud to be (not) american!
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