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  1. Pardon? thats mwah your talking about there ma boy! and only went in there for a drink!, dear god! it was horrible!
  2. getting all of season two imported from america! yus! cant wait!
  3. well depends on your definition of heavy haha, for me light rock is like Katatonia, Iron maiden, Lacuna coil..
  4. Generally i find getting your head in a good book, a juice and some kind of light rock or jazz in the back ground and an early night generally help
  5. rhinoisgod@hotmail.com if your interested, i'm a 4th year computer science student and have a fairly good idea what i'm doing with dreamweaver, html and php etc.
  6. hussh you!, its is THE single greatest film this year!
  7. I agree with the general feeling here, i've not actually read the graphic novels, but to me the whole film just didnt make much sense... well i did make sense but just didnt have a point!
  8. Just seen this glorious film!... its actually fantastic! i really enjoyed it! only i think its too short at a mear hour and a half! but its awesome all the way through!... the stories seems a bitch sketchy from the outline but you just have to see it to understand it really.... the zombies dont really learn as such... they just kind of "monkey see monkey do" as such... as for dead reckoning!... its awesome!! you'll all love the sly hints at "Day of the dead" in the sense that there is "an outpost" out there somewhere
  9. Not sure if any of you actually noticed this but the way the Wayne Estate was portrayed to be so close to gotham (during the car scene) then when in later shows after the house burns down you see lots of nice shots of the scenery not a city in sight for miles just wondered if anyone else noticed that?
  10. Just the minute ordered it from DVD.co.uk, saw a review of it last night and thought i'd check it out, currently a Player of Final Fantasy 11 but the monthly fees are shit considering i hardly play it because of lack of time.. so This wil be a fine change, will give you a shout when i gets it
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