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  1. Really, really good album. Hasn't dated nearly as badly as The Stone Roses, although i do accept that albums that define a particular time will always date worse. There are some truly great songs on it. It never lived up to expectations - it probably couldn't have - but it's still excellent.
  2. Now that it's been established that all the suspects are linked to the NHS, is it now time to be looking at revenge attacks on doctors? Medichi - you're getting BANJOED...
  3. At the end of the day, what has this achieved? "You've bombed Glasgow? Where's that? Texas?...What? Scotland? Where the fuck is that?" Honestly, it's like the RAF bombing Dushanbe. "You want us to bomb where? Dushanbe?...In Tajikistan?...Is that an actual country?" Useless. They've provided Scottish people with 1) an excuse to moan 2) an excuse to take the piss out of each other and 3) an excuse to take the piss out some incompetant twats who didn't realise that a Smart car would have got through the doors no bother. And it was all a very convenient day to bury this: Scotsman.com News - Scotland - Treasury to scrap £20bn 'subsidy' from Westminster. Let me thank you, SNP voters...
  4. They should let everyone who was in the airport at the time line up to prod his burns. Ironic mob justice - it's the only way to sort this.
  5. Was in Fopp on Cockburn Street on Saturday and there were massive gaps on the racks. Looked like they weren't restocking at all. The website was also not taking any orders (and still seems not to be). The problem with Fopp is that they opened far too many stores far to quickly at a time when the demand for CDs was dropping off dramatically. Why they opened the branch on Rose Street (literally three minutes walk from Cockburn Street), I'll never know. Instead of having one really good shop, they had two pretty poorly stocked ones. It was of course even better back in the day when it was on the other side of Cockburn Street and just a wee independent franchise. Avalanche is also down to one store now - used to be 4 in Edinburgh at its peak - and they've kept open what is (in my opinion anyway) the worst one, on Cockburn Street (and the stock in it is shit). The best one was the tiny wee one on Lady Lawson Street which inspite of only having a few hundred CDs always, ALWAYS had what you went in for. Plus the bloke behind the counter was a really good lad. And of course, HMV and Virgin will just bump their prices in the face of reduced competition.
  6. If they go back to "A Storm in Heaven"-y stuff then this could be ace. But they probably wont.
  7. Zibby the Hibby? Did anyone sign Neil Alexander from Cardiff? Was a pretty decent keeper if memory serves.
  8. Are you implying that only people who have recently suffered head injuries would like Megadeth?
  9. You reminded me of something that I have sporadically tried to track down over the years, but never managed to find. Until tonight. I present: Corky from Life Goes On This is already, less than half an hour in, a very, very happy day.
  10. Aye, they must have run about 20 miles to go from the Isle of Dogs to the south side of Tower Bridge to Regents Park and then to New Wembley. Plus they landed a fucking massive plane at City which suddenly turned into Stansted, which then turned into City again. Definitely meant to get as many landmarks in to appeal to the 'merkins.
  11. Abysmal film. Probably a good story, looked really good, had the same sort of style as the first film, but...... FUCKING HELL!!! How can you cast people without doing an audition? They must have done. There's no other explanation for the fact that 1) Robert Carlyle was shit and has now joined my (now) three man list of appalling, wooden actors that people like inspite of the fact they're terrible (the others are Michael Caine and Nicolas Cage) and 2) the kid, the lad, has, *has*, HAS to have been someone to do with the films kid. He sure as fuck has never acted before. And hopefully never will again. If the central person you're supposed to care about living or dying is the one person you really, really want to fucking die as soon as is humanly possible, then it's not really worked. Conclussion? Shit film.
  12. Barcelona and Everton for friendlies. So many transfer rumours (as you'd expect) - as long as we punt a load of the shitty Eastern Europeans I'll be a lot happier, Jankauskas and Klimek already gone, hopefully Barasa, Ivaskevicius, Kanchelskis etc to follow. Hleb's brother is an almost certain incoming. Rumour doing the rounds of Hart from Aberdeen, but don't see it happening myself. Been linked with Robson (thumbs up), Naysmith (thumbs up - but no chance), Rae (thumbs down), Steven Hughes from Leicester (thumbs wavering in the middle). As long as it's a significant improvement on this season, I'll be happy.
  13. Fillet steak is superb. Rare or Medium rare. However, I had a buffalo steak recently in Canada, which is like super-fillet steak - I think it's honestly the most tender meat I've ever eaten (double entendre fans - go nuts!). No wonder the big hairy cow bastards are so rare nowadays.
  14. He walked past myself an medichi in New York and looked like a bit of a twat. Doubt that helps though.
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