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Aberdeen bands of the 90s


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Guest Mr Blastcap

ah the nineties

stand out for me was loveless, they were the balls. remember loads of names of bands but cant remember fuck all about them though- maybe the "wall of sludge" sound in drummonds had something to do with it, even supergrass sounded like an aberdeen band in there. ho-hum.

right, there was this cock rock band that played at the pelican club on a big battle of the bands thing i remember they were called anither wild rose or sommit- they were hilarious, kinda hard rock like radio lucifers furrow...etc. korpse played that night 2, they were equally funny.

who else,

lots of bands...cant remember a thing though.

i think i saw men lie, but not sure. saw RAAR's first incarnation.


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Guest Mr Blastcap


aye see , i was in retro blue ages ago, the bloke said in a hushed voice- cant shift these slipstream cd's at all, they are gash, i says- but there a top local outfit!- he says, aye i know, but its rubbish.


i saw one in cash converters last month, strangely labelled R'N B or hip hop or something.

ultra-gypey chief.

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