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  1. sad news. glad i caught them at drummonds the last time
  2. thank god(or whatever deity you happen to be into)
  3. speak ti neil scollay from eric euan. thats what he does and hes pretty good at it (set ups, refrets, etc).
  4. just outta interest. i think most of the tracks on this album were recorded pretty much live ( i know ours was). this is something to be considered cause studio time for 20 diff bands to do a pro recording would have cost the bands a lot AND all you punters out there a fair bit more than 3 quid a disc. so be careful about slagging off recording/quality/mixing/etc. a lot of work went in to this release to help benefit both bands and punters. ps. perhaps some1 else out there who doesnt like the quality would consider putting their cash up front to pay for all 20 bands to do a recording which matches their exacting standards. /cheers for Cap`n Tom
  5. my first bass was a yamaha i got for about 180. was spot on and i had it a few years before (stupidly) trading it in for something new. still wish i had it cause it was ace. personally i cant stand squier/fenders. but thats just me
  6. basic lessons are always good. saves time and frustration learning simple things some1 could show you reasonably quickly. yamaha do some quite nice 2nd hand basses too. and should be easy to pick up sub 200.
  7. things i hate at gigs: 1. short people. im always falling over them as i try to squeeze through a croud to get "that" spot which will stop as many people as possible from viewing the gig(this is done on purpose of course); 2. people who dance. how terrible it is to see people enjoying themselves at gigs. how it must grate on the band to see a crowd jumping up and down and having some fun.... 3. people who drink at gigs. HOW DARE THEY. when i come to a gig and stand somewhere around the bar it pisses me off to see people actually BUYING booze and soft drinks and the like. i mean, how inconsiderate...... 4. volume levels. oh how i hate not being able to hear the conversation going on just behind me cause the volume of said live show is too high the list is endless but i think i should stop....... things i love about playing gigs in aberdeen: 1. the crowd. its so great to play in aberdeen because every1 just stands around with arms folded, pints in hand, talking to mates, whatever, and then when you finish the song/set, its nice to know that some1 actually enjoyed the gig because of the 2 sets of hands clapping. (seen some excellent bands in aberdeen which have seen said level of appreciation).
  8. buy a ricky and use the stereo output and split the sounds or (a bit crap but still effective) use a multi effects or stereo chorus and use one out as clean and piddle about with effects on the other. makes for some odd sounds (a bit of a bugger to set up for live tho - soundmen will hate you for hogging 2 channels)
  9. That was a truly awesome gig. Trent getting a whole pint of water thrown over him during something i can never have and him doing the same back to the crowd was funny. an intense and very satisfying gig to have been too. took 2 friends who were not really big NIN fans - they are now, both thought it was ace too. on a side note, that was the most paranoid i have ever been driving a car. FAR too many coppers about for my liking. skinning up was a bleeding nightmare.......
  10. This is going to be fookin ace!!!!
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