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  1. yes, Aberdeen's shit. It's snowing and my head hurts. What sort of fucking existence is this?
  2. That's right. I feel severely reprimanded. Sorry Chris. but that cunt really is a dickhead, if you'll excuse the mixed metaphor
  3. Chufty This just in via pm from musicube: loud mouth tell u what mate u find your self mouthy on the net . lets meet and see what goes down . or u another kid on this site . u sound a wind bag anyway if u got anything to say give me a shout i would be glad to shut u up - the grammar is atrocious. Can someone ban him please?
  4. Chris, the guy's obviously a fucking dickhead who nobody's going to take seriously. Save your breath. Thread closed.
  5. to fuck with punk as nostalgia! carpet bowls are so much more dignified!
  6. I appreciate that this is a bit of a knockabout, tongue-in-cheek thread, but you're stretching the boundaries of surrealism a bit there, mate.
  7. I got given some pickled beetroot the other day. My friend ran out of proper vinergar and had to use a blend of red wine vinegar and cider vinegar. It's a more subtle flavour, but I like it. not sure what it does to the toilet yet. watch this thread..................
  8. you're a marketing genius!
  9. and that's how rumours start.
  10. If you're playing through a full PA, most soundmen throw a hissy fit if you can actually hear the fucking thing. get a Pignose.
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