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Devin Townsend. He has battled through mental illness (Bipolar Disorder) He releases around 2 albums every year, sometimes more. Brilliant sense of humour, has Gene Hoglan as his Drummer. Spends a great deal of time making OTT albums. Has passed out and shit his pants when trying to scream really hard. Hasnt got a big ego.

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Who in your metalhead minds are metal legends. My metal legend is Dave Mustaine. He has always kept to his routes' date=' not changing around his ways of music to suite peoples tastes of today. He is a metal nailer. Long live Megadeth, cant wait to see them in February, its gonna own![/quote']

well, i feel a few Deth albums are kinda mainstream - they definitely changed their sound away from the pure thrash of the 80s to some much more melodic and dare I say 'radio-friendly' stuff such as Risk & Cryptic writings???

But yeah Mustaine kicks ass.

My legend has to be................

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