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Coolest screwed up novelty track you own.

Lawy Lawson:Attorney

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I wouldn't say I "own" these, because I stole them from the internet, but we all know the internet isn't tough and is like a shopkeeper in a 70's kids TV movie where all the kids steal apples from the shop front display and the shopkeeper shakes his fists and threatens to call the police but that plot thread is never resurrected once the main character meets a girl who looks after badgers and then they stop the woodland being turned into a supermarket. Anyway, I have to say I'm partial to my "Techno Remix" of the Starfox theme, my reworking of Ryu's music from SFII with an unneccasary solo or "Viewtiful World" by Viewtiful Joe which is some kind of weird nu-metal meets really upbeat pop punk deal...sung by a fictional character.

I sadly don't have my Mr Blobby vinyl anymore and I feverently deny even knowing there was a Mr.Blobby single.

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Bob Nudd, Sports Personality of the Year.

I had "bob nudd" with "maggots in your catapult"

He's apparently one of englands best fishermen' date=' and he had a single out about fishing with maggots.

"maggots in ya catapult, lordy lordy"...

I kid you not. (out on 7" in 1992 or something)[/quote']

World Champion 4 times, y'know. Not to mention BBC Sports Personality of the Year every year since 1991. Because angling is so popular - more people do it every weekend than go to football matches - all anglers always vote for him every year, but despite claiming it to be a democratic voting system, the BBC always veto it because they claim no-one knows who he is.


N.B. I am not an angler...

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I have a truly awful 7" by Orson Welles' date=' where the chorus is something along the lines of..

"I know what it's like to be young,

but you don't know what it's like to be old"

Hmmm....must do a cover version of it soon, before death yanks me off this earth.[/quote']

Death must be a superb yanker if he can take you out of this world.

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