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Limerick Challenge Game

Le Stu

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This seems like it could catch on, some guy on another forum came up with the idea. Here's how it works:

Someone suggests a subject for the limerick like, for example, Swiss cheese. The first person to post a limerick on the subject of Swiss Cheese gets to choose the next one. like so:

when Cheddar, Red Leicester or Gouda

won't do and your brie could be louder

what you need to please

is a nice holey cheese

Emmental is as sound as a pounda.

next subject is Cricket. Go!

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Guest B. Arthur

I was once told antidisestablishmentarianism,

When said too quick makes the heart have a schism (cmon)

I tried it one night,

And got such a fright,

When my chest beat an awfully strange rhythm.

Next topic: a tub of frozen diarrhea

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Guest B. Arthur

There once was a man called Kevin,

He'd been an actor since age 11,

His surname was Costner,

His parents were Fosters,

And almost all of his movies are really crap.

Next topic: War of the Worlds

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