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Biffy Clyro - All the best


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Biffy Clyro are running a competition to design their festival t-shirts this year and one of the top voted designs was made by Steven Rainey who used to sing in Dedalus. It's amazing and I would urge you to all vote for it, share it on facebook/twitter/tumblr/skywriting and make sure it's up there at the end.

I'm pretty sure the other front runner is cheating as everytime he falls behind he suddenly jumps by about 1000 votes, but we'll do it the old fashioned way and spam messageboards to drum up support :)

clicky linky and vote: Gallery Details | Biffy Clyro

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Biffy Clyro would go up in my estimation by undescribable amounts if they chose that design out of a sense of fair play and showing a great sense of humour. However, would their loyal fanbase actually see the fun aspect of it and buy it? Band management veto is my guess, based on cost to produce tees not being equitable with expected sales.

Kudos to it winning the vote though. We know the truth. :woohoo:

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Ouch, that was the 14th most popular. Bit rich saying it's "as voted for on biffyclyro.com". Still I guess choosing one that far down lets them off from saying they thought the winning design was a joke so picked the next one down.

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