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  1. Following the reunion of Katerwaul, Auto Rock's second gig will be something a little bit different... THE BOOKSHOP BAND, ALAN SPENCE & EOIN SMITH Waterstones Aberdeen, Union Bridge 3rd June 2014 - 7pm Tickets on sale soon. https://www.facebook.com/events/246928275495120/ THE BOOKSHOP BAND The Bookshop Band write songs about books and play them in bookshops. Their literary-infused acoustic folk is a truly magical experience. "Really fabulous new music... the most wonderful project... just delightful." - Bob Harris www.facebook.com/thebookshopband www.thebookshopband.co.uk ALAN SPENCE Multi-award winning author of poetry, novels, short stories and plays, Alan Spence is a well-respected Scottish writer and Professor in Creative Writing at the University of Aberdeen. "One of the best Scottish writers of our time." - The Scotsman www.alanspence.co.uk EOIN SMITH Magician Eoin Smith is a regular at variety and comedy nights around Aberdeen, and will be performing some literary magic and mind-reading. "Like Gandalf, without hobbits." - Greg Proops www.facebook.com/officialeoinsmith
  2. Hello, I've started a new wee gig promotion thing called Auto Rock. I'll be putting on sporadic gigs and special music events over the coming months. The first show is a welcome return for Katerwaul, who haven't played a full gig together in over 2 years. They'll be joined by Seas, Starry and Kitchen Cynics at Downstairs on April 26. Auto Rock info: www.facebook.com/autorockaberdeen Gig info: www.facebook.com/events/654334187941798
  3. Ended up not being able to make it along last night due to illness and stuff. Who won what?
  4. The third annual Hercules Moments sampler is now available to download for free from www.herculesmoments.co.uk and www.herculesmoments.bandcamp.com Featured on the sampler are nine great acts from the North East of Scotland: Marionettes, Forest Fires, Brothers Reid, Ashley Park, [ ], Orienteering, Cara Mitchell, Das McManus, Boy With Compass. The launch gig will be held on the 5th December (tonight) at 8pm at Tunnels 2. Entry is £4. Playing will be Das McManus, Orienteering, Cara Mitchell and [ ] + the debut of the Hercules Moments DJs. As featured on BBC Radio One.
  5. We at Hercules Moments are proud to present our third annual sampler of top Aberdeen music. To celebrate the occasion, we're having a bit of a party with some bands and music and special surprises, and you're all invited! And since it's December, there'll be a bit of a Christmas theme too! Playing on the night will be: DAS MCMANUS Power-pop-punx with attitude. www.facebook.com/dasmcmanus ORIENTEERING Fresh faced instrumental post-rockers, featuring ex-members of Good Police. www.facebook.com/orienteeringband CARA MITCHELL Up-and-coming singer-songwriter, who is soon to be seen on BBC Alba. www.facebook.com/CaraMitchellMusic [ ] It's pronounced 'Wall' and they're a noisy two-piece influenced by bands like Lightning Bolt. www.facebook.com/its.pronounced.Wall HERCULES MOMENTS DJS TIL LATE Stick around as the festivities continue late into the night. Tunnels 2 // £4 Doors 8pm // First act 8.30pm ------------- The 'Hercules Moments: Vol. 3' sampler will be available to download from free from the 5th December at www.herculesmoments.co.uk Featured on the sampler are: Marionettes, Forest Fires, Brothers Reid, Ashley Park, [ ], Orienteering, Cara Mitchell, Das McManus, Boy With Compass
  6. Orienteering and DasMcManus are pretty great new bands. Carson Wells, Min Diesel, Stanley all put our decent albums/EPs this year. Seas, Starry are always pretty great. The Little Kicks and The Deportees make good indie music.
  7. In all seriousness, opinions about battle of the bands aside, why would you hold the final in a hotel and not a proper venue, which would showcase the bands' sound better with the benefit of a proper sound system?
  8. No problem, just wanted to make sure the message hadn't been lost somewhere in the murky depths of the internet!
  9. For those of you who didn't manage to make it along, I wrote a wee review of the gig http://www.herculesmoments.co.uk/2012/02/rachel-sermanni-live-lemon-tree.html
  10. Yes, I noticed that too! I feel that comments made both on the internet and in emails were taken out of context in that blog post, however in the spirit of not wanting to start a full-on internet war I am choosing to say nothing more on the matter!
  11. Mogwai - My Father My King Mogwai - EP+6 Tenner?
  12. Did you get my PM about meeting up to exchange shabby paper moneys for shiny plastic discs?
  13. A tenner for the three series of Futurama?
  14. That looks pretty decent. Might actually go for a jaunt to Inverness for it, assuming my exams don't start that early.
  15. Gladstone hadn't heard of any of the bands playing, so I was asking how the gig was (ie were the bands any good?).
  16. I would go for... 1. The Decemberists - The King is Dead 2. 65daysofstatic - Silent Running 3. Pensioner - Yearlings 4. Sucioperro - The Heart String and How To Pull It 5. Indian Red Lopez - Empty Your Lungs and Breathe 6. Kassidy - Hope St. 7. Vessels - Helioscope 8. The Little Kicks - The Little Kicks 9. J Mascis - Several Shades of Why 10. Maybeshewill - I Was Here For A Moment, Then I Was Gone http://www.herculesmoments.co.uk/2011/12/2011-in-lists-eoin.html
  17. Can't wait to hear this, tracklist looks brilliant.
  18. Lovely tunes, sling us a copy of the EP when it's done and we'll get it reviewed and featured in the EE
  19. www.herculesmoments.co.uk

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