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Battle Of Teh Bands


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State two bands and who would win - anyone can reply to a battle and everyone can post their own battles! Teh fUnNeSt thread around! ^_^

Lostprophets vs.Taking Back Sunday

Shall start us off :D

I'm backing the Lostprophets on this one. Despite disliking the posturing both bands have been putting on lately...

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Hetfield and Lars are trouncing all members until Hetfield over an almost dying Mustaine opens his walet to find a picture of Dave circa 89/90/91 with his big ginger mullet...

Hetfield dies instantly ... the resultant laughter rupturing arteries.....Ulrich runs over but trips over hetfield goatee and smacks his enormous ego filled head on the floor causing it to bust releasing a small family of "Daushounds" into the wild.

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