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  1. properbly Meat loaf v/. edward norton
  2. the giant garbage ball with the sniff a scope
  3. Celtic play tomorrow genst Rangers...........8-0 da bhoys....
  4. Does anyone know were I can find the Nightmare before christmas soundtrack?
  5. I know this is shocking but id have to say Blink-182 because ive liked them since the start of my music life. Althow Green day are really ace possibly only 51% to blink and 49% to green day
  6. Ghostride- sounded alrite but a bit to much bass and needed more power in vocals Hell is for heroes- good, singer was entertaining Biffy Clyro- FUCKING awesome!
  7. Anyone going to watch the tsunami football match on ITV2?
  8. Green Day were awesome last night! But i was caught up in a 2 and a half hour bloody jam outside dumblane and missed all of new found glory and 30ish minutes of green day!
  9. are New Found glory supporting Green Day at Glasgow then?
  10. Its sugarcult. They said at blink 182.
  11. I belive ina thing called love....terrible, terrible stuff
  12. yeah its gonna be great. i remeber is last year even thow i was 12. a bonfire and gr8 music
  13. February is gonna be ace! green day biffy clyro and electric 6!!!
  14. biffy clyro are playing at the music hall in feb
  15. blink 182-SECC blink 182-braehead Gavfest Forthcoming gigs: green day blink 182
  16. I was propebly one of the only 13 year olds and under who knew M&M's and there old stuff
  17. You do know that they'rd only doing it for the money? THEIR BUYING YOU OUT!
  18. Yeah i went it was bloody amazing! were u sitting in block H by any chance?
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