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  1. 403 - Forbidden: Access is denied. You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied. Myself and alot of my friends have been met with this error when trying to vote on this post. Is there any way around it?
  2. Le Reno Amps Ghost of Bongo The X-certs Flight 19 My Minds Weapon
  3. Well for those who are short for change can afford the costs of going to the gig.
  4. Nice. Nice line-up. Once again at a short change price . Would love to be up for ~Brightstone~ they're a pretty class act that hopefully will go far. A night probably not worth missing.
  5. me me I do!! I've got a dermal its been in 4 weeks and completely healed. Michelle did it
  6. Cheers. yeah those recordings were a rough rough mix from a drummonds gig. The bass is feedinback when you hear it loud. It shouldn't have been but it was.. Were planning to get a cd soon just picking up some more ideas for it first.
  7. Thats better. thats helpful time round. Not sure what to say about the genericness but we can work on it. The bass player can play too but you need to see that for yourself. Cheers!
  8. I'd say thats pretty unique. Cheers again.
  9. Thats my opinion on the matter. I mean Alexi has his bad days every now and then but Bodom are still huge! I guess its just a matter of opinion here. Cheers for the feedback so far. Hopefully have some more soon
  10. Thank you mathew for that. I didn't write my influences there.. If you couldn't guess. As far as recordings go we've got proper demo recordings of just the guitar tracks which sound really good however no bass etc.. As far as the singer goes, we originally had someone who could do a mid/low vox pretty well however he got booted and our guitarist had to sit in. He had only be rehearsing these kinda vocals 1month before the gig and was unable to develop this. Alot of feedback we've had so far is good music, don't like that kinda vocals. I guess its a matter of opinion however we have been looking at other options. Thanks to those who have replied already. Much has been taken on board.
  11. Wow.. amazing no feedback whatsoever! LOL!
  12. Aberdeens own Legacy (not to be confused with THE legacy). We have done 4-5 gigs in Aberdeen including The Lemon Tree looking for feedback on our live tunes. Call it constructive critisism and not a slag fest. Cheers - Tunes can be found below! MySpace.com - Legacy - Aberdeen, UK - Metal - www.myspace.com/truemetallegacy http://www.bebo.com/LegacyMetal
  13. However you know cheers ^_^. Was talking about custom stuff with him before. Hope I can find him. And Yeah Michelle is nice enough and a good piercer from what i've read.
  14. After noticing a post on Draconians vs Richards. I have come to make this post. I have begun to get piercings at Retros from Daryl and I went in to visit him this past monday only to find that he has packed up and jumped ship.. Any idea where hes gone?
  15. Ages ago, and no he was moaning as it was 10am lol.. Since then we've started using MV and the rooms are actually pretty sweet acoustically sounds really good.
  16. Hey were a new metal band on the scene, go by the name of Legacy. Our demo tracks can be heard on www.myspace.com/truemetallegacy or ~Legacy~ <LegacyMetal> we are looking for slots to play.
  17. I'm sorry but i'm gonna have to disagree. I used to hate Toms and thus used the Foyer.. The Foyers amps broke down... So tried the cheap and new musical vision, the engineer on hand was grumpy even though we'd booked 3 hours we set up and within 5 notes through a bass amp it started smoking..... The engineer then took the amp away moaning, we packed up paid for an hour and left. I would go Toms personally that is from my own experience. However I know those that use Musical Vision regularly and I probaly just caught it all on a bad day.
  18. 14+. ID will be asked for at the bar when purchasing alcoholic beverages.
  19. That is also true, However we do not design the posters, we give people the information and they do the rest of the work.
  20. Good point haha, as you can see that is clearly an error. However all donations shall be gratefully accepted.
  21. THE RIOT ROOM shall be replacing Hope Horizon.
  22. No worries.. It just seems that most the skipping causes the mud-slinging. I was just as guilty for it when I first started using Aberdeen Music. No worries. Hope to see you there at the event, any contribution will be put 100% to the cause.
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