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Codes In The Clouds + Katerwaul + Matricarians

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Cinematic post-rock pop quintet CODES IN THE CLOUDS released their debut album PAPER CANYON on May 18 via Erased Tapes and are coming round for tea and biscuits, ao while they're here they're gonna headline a show just for you in the TUNNELS on the 22nd JUNE.

Codes In The Clouds on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Rock Sound, one of Britain's leading magazines for rock music, counts Codes In The Clouds amongst the new discoveries of the past year and have hailed them as Ones to Watch in 2009. The birth of this formation didnt remain unnoticed in the US for long either. Online magazine The Silent Ballet crowned CITC the new pioneers of instrumental rock: 'I'm running out of excuses to explain rather lackluster releases from recent powerhouses as Mono, Explosions In The Sky and Do Make Say Think. If they weren't already wrapped up in their own music, they'd probably know better. Codes In The Clouds does.

Support will rather cheekily come from KATERWAUL and Kitchen Cynics Side project MATRICARIANS.

Katerwaul on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Matricarians on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads


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aye, was a great gig indeed. all bands were ace. katerwaul were particularly brilliant and seem to have turned into the best band in aberdeen without me realising it. codes in the clouds were great as well, though they could perhaps play with their sound a little bit and make it a bit more their own as it was a bit generic in parts. still one of the better post-rock bands around though. matricarians were certainly not generic. drone folk for the win! great songs with some genuinely inventive use of toy instruments and destruction.

listening to the katerwaul album just now and it's sounding pretty good. the artwork is ace too!

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Guest idol_wild

The more I think about it, the more I seem to entertain the thought that Codes in the Clouds are actually taking the piss. For a start, the band name is sort of akin. Secondly, their entire sonic dynamic is identical to Explosions in the Sky, right down to the guitar tone. And also, fuck me, can't they stand up straight when they play their guitars!? Again, a blatant reference point to Explosions in the Sky. Maybe they are having a big fuck-off laugh at our expense. Literally at our expense. Despite being proficient at what they do, they are kind of irrelevant.

Katerwaul played an absolute beast of a set - they benefited from brilliant front of house sound. I've caught them quite a bit over the past year or two and that was probably the best I have seen them. Good work with getting the album looking so pretty.

The Matricarians were the highlight for me. I was in the zone when they played and they totally hypnotised me. I look forward to seeing them again. Jock Sheep was especially alluring in it's new format.

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