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  1. Haha! I thought I saw an older couple sitting further back with massive grins during Y Change, they'll have been your folks then!
  2. Non-availability on our part, unfortunately. I'll be at this, purveyors of good tunes they are.
  3. You're not wrong! AL blew me away, it was impossible not to get caught up in their tunes. Their drummer Seb made it all look so effortless, just wow. Thanks to IMP and Hen for having us
  4. Sorry guys, realised my error after the edit expiry! Muchos gracias also!
  5. Balmorhea had my hair on end by the time they finished up, 'Settler' was off-the-scale good. This show was special, massive thanks to Dizzy Storm and IMP for putting it on.
  6. This was decent. The highlight had to be the transformed-voice welcome to the Cult... superb!
  7. Best news all day, seriously. This looks set to be amazing.
  8. Your tunes would be well interesting (even more so, that is... ) fleshed out with other people. Try it, dare ya.
  9. QFT or any other clichd web abbreviation that fits. Didnae mean to worry you Shaz!
  10. Ha, slight oversight on my part. But naw, Balmorhea gets my vote.
  11. Haven't really checked up on ETID in ages but I thought they'd gone big time?! Never would have expected to see this, I think sheer curiosity might take me along...!
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