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Phone 123

Captain America

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I'm sure Baker used to be the voice for when you text a landline. I've wasted many a top-up in the past texting funny phrases to offend whoever picked up. I've since realised this wasn't that funny.

I think it was just was for Comic Relief (or similar special occasion) one year and apparently BT or OFCOM got a lot of complaints.

Sounds lovely if you ask me. David Attenborough would also be hilarious, but they need to refit his lower set as he sounds a bit too 'jowely' of late. I think that's why the yanks got Sigourney Weaver to do Planet Earth.

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God that's annoying. They should get different people to do it every month. Like on "Have I Got News For You". Keep people coming back.

It's awful! I was waiting for an 'oh my god, that's, like, so totally awesome' after she gave me the time.

I don't know what I'm more upset about, the fact that that is Tinkerbell's voice or that someone thought it was a decent enough gimmick to warrent putting it on the talking clock.

To be fair though, most folk I know use their mobile and not their house phone, so the talking clock is pretty much redundant.

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