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It was pretty good, but as is often the case it felt the first part didn't really give us much but was purely a set up for the second part. I did enjoy it but not quite as much as I did some of the other episodes from the second half of the series.

The biggest problem is that it seems all set to be resolved by some 'reset button' (similar to the conclusion of the last series). I'm guessing it will be something to do with that key Martha has. I hope I'm wrong though.

As much as I would like Tenant to stay as the doctor it would be pretty cool if the BBC had managed to completely keep a change in the doctor secret.

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D.Tennent aint going no-where till 2010 so im guessing that he aint regenerating this coming saturday......

What im confused about is this is the final episode of season4 yeah...And hes meant to be leaving in the 1st episode of the 5th season which will be on telly in 2010....So does this mean that hes gonna spend the rest of the final episode in spazzmode and we wont see him...

Doctor Who: Robert Carlyle tipped to replace David Tennant - Telegraph

Check that link it has robert carlyle as hot favourite to replace d.tennent....

As long as the dr's side kick remembers the fucking cairds i cant see any problems tbh...

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Aw no. I really didnae like that last one.

The end was good, made me think of the old Flash Gordon shows that were on in the summer holidays years ago.

I don't like when they bring in plots from other tv shows. All those spin off programmes that I couldnae be bothered tae watch.


Bet the hand has something to do with it.

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OoOoH I forgot about the hand...Maybe your onto something.......But in saying that it cant save him for long as we have 1 half hour show left and i think 2 christmas specials then no dr who series till 2010 which in our time is a long time but in a tv series it isnt its only 3 more episodes....

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Quality ending!

Not so keen on the big welsh poof continaully influencing his girthy storylines to be fair, he has issues!

Are you talking about Torchwood Jack? Because, if there was someone actually welsh being gay in there, it was eclipsed by the massively homosexual scots-american guy. Who can't be killed.o_O

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I saw that matt smith dude on doctor who confidential tonight. I'm not sure on him - he might work....but it'll take a lot for him to better tennant imo

have faith my boy, steven moffat wouldn't cast someone shit:)

his episodes of who are easily the best of the new ones

and i wouldnt compare him to tennant; every doctor is different. you couldnt compare tennant to ecclestone, cos they did it totally different ways. same with any of them in the past - davison with baker? two totally different interpretations, both good though

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