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Top 10 best tracks ever (or near enought)


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Yo people, come on all time top 10 Tracks:

but ya can't get better than (no real order)

1. (Hed) p.e - Boom, how u like that

2. Incubus - Out from under

3. Red Hot CHili Peppers - Suck my kiss & Under the bridge

4. The Mars Volta - Drunkship of lanterns

5. Primus - Poetry & Prose - & lacquer head

6. Spin Doctors - Shinbone Ally

7. Soundgarden - Room a thousand years wide

8. Rage against the machine - Maggies Farm

9. Steely Dan - Godwacker

10. Skindred - Kiss & make -up

Yeah i know its twelve but its nae that easy an i know i've missed something out! Ne Ideas??

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1. blue oyser cult - don't fear the reaper

2. blue oyser cult - don't fear the reaper

3. blue oyser cult - don't fear the reaper

4. blue oyser cult - don't fear the reaper

5. blue oyser cult - don't fear the reaper

6. blue oyser cult - don't fear the reaper

7. blue oyser cult - don't fear the reaper

8. blue oyser cult - don't fear the reaper

9. blue oyser cult - don't fear the reaper

10. blue oyser cult - don't fear the reaper

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Guest Nikola Tesla

In no order

1. Converge: concubine/fault and fracture

2.Discordance Axis: follow my tears the policeman said

3. Discharge: Protest to survive

4. Motorhead: Overkill

5. Iron Monkey: Boss keliod

6. Fear Factory : Scapegoat

7. Godflesh : Head dirt

8. Down: ghosts along the missisippi

9. Napalm death: Caught...in a dream

10. Pantera: cowboys from hell

my opinion only but still great stuff :headbang:

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Steve vai - for the love of god

Van halen - drop dead legs

RHCP - get up and jump

Extreme - he man woman hater

Hendrix - and the wind cried mary

Pantera - physcho holiday

Primus - to defy the laws of tradition / john the fisherman

Mr Bungle - Golem 2 return of the bionic vapour boy

Mr Bungle - ANY song of the self titled album

Soundgarden - Mailman

Hmm thats like 11 i think

the list will vary prob on a daily basis - i listen to alot of music!

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Boston - More Than A Feeling

Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze

Dream Theater - A Change Of Seasons

Dream Theater - Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence

Yes - Close To The Edge

Yes - The Gates Of Delirium

Iron Maiden - Infinite Dreams

Rush - 2112

Rush - Xanadu

Marillion - Blind Curve

just a few off the top of my head!

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Ross you old bastard jus' post some kinda 10 :p

Random of the moment!

01.Amen - Bring Me The Heads

02.Faith No More - A Small Victory

03.Incubus - Talk Shows On Mute

04.Slipknot - (sic)

05.The Tijuana Switchblades - Have Guns, Will Travel

06.Onelinedrawing - Smile

07.The Bled - Sound Of Suffer

08.Soil - Say You Will

09.The Roots - The Seed

10.The Distillers - Beat Your Heart Out

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Far too many amazing to mention.

off subject but.....

fav albums are Megadeth- Rust in Peace

PAntera- Cowboy's.............

Metallica- MAster of Puppets or kill em all

Sepultura- Arise or beneath the remains

Slayer- Seasons in the Abyss

Avenged Sevenfold- Waking the Fallen

Chimaira- Impossibility of Reason (love the harmonics and drumming)

Anything by the Gypsy Kings (guitaring is godly)

Snoop Dogg- Doggystyle (truley the geatest gangster rap album of all time and he was 18 and facing a death charge in court, obviously not convicted)

Prodigy- Music for the jilted generation (remarkable album for its time)

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cKy - Inhuman creation station. (Pentatonic, 3/4, groovy singing)

Fenix TX - Katie W (everything's so perfect and emotional)

Zebrahead - The Real Me (such a groovy song, worthy of an appearance on any porn film EVER made)

The Living End - Fly Away (Again - so perfect - catchy - amazing solo)

Metallica - S&M (Metal and full-on orchestra.... need i say more)

Incubus - Deep Inside (More funky madness)

H2O - Memory Lane (probably my ultimate definition of modern punk)

Bodyjar - Not The Same (Punk rock with so much emotion - brilliant harmonies)

Beatsteaks - God Knows (Even Rico realises how beautiful this song is..)

Goldfinger - Miles Away (Chants - ultimate live song...)

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Incubus-Pardon Me(spot on vocals from brandon, very deep song with an amazing solo from dj kilmore)

Nirvana-Lounge Act(fast paced pixes style song with catchy bassline and groovy lyrics)

Brand New-Sic Transit Gloria...Glory Fades(excellent bass riff with the catchy quiet-loud structure and cool lyrics aswell)

Foo Fighters-Everlong(great sing along,with awesome guitar parts and cool fills in between-THE party song)

Get Up Kids-Holiday(great intro and leaves you with a optimistic feeling)

Clash-Londing Calling(stepwise vocals and catcy lyrics and very cool bassline along with with an awesome guitar fill of the guitar at the end)

Weezer-Say It Aint So(brilliant ska-esque song)

Incubus-Nice To Know You(decent riff with cool sound effects also great interlude)

Alyssa's Wish-Eight Sold As Nine(brilliant riffs and top notch vocals)

Queen-I Want It all(beautiful song with one hell of a catchy chorus)

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1. black - pearljam

2. pink maggit - deftones

3. no leave clover - metallica

4. lets all make believe - oasis

5. ten ton hammer - machine head

6. take me to your leader - incubus

7. jump da fuck up - soulfly

8. lean on me - bill withers

9. sleep now in the fire - rage against the machine

10. 5 minutes alone - pantera

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I dunno, favourite songs change depending on mood...the closest to a top ten ever though:

1) Two-Way Idiot Mirror - The Wildhearts

3) Anyway But Maybe - Silver Ginger 5

4) Answering Machine - The Replacements

3) Locomotive - G n'R

4) Stuff n'Nonsense - The Supersuckers

5) Lover, You Should've Come over - Jeff Buckley

6) Honky's Ladder - The Aghan Whigs

7) Twilight of the Gods - Neil Leyton

8) Jet Generation - Guitar Wolf

9) Bombed - The Backyard Babies

10) Sky Babies - The Wildhearts

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Right now I'd say:

1. GN'R - Pretty Tied Up

2. GN'R - Garden Of Eden

3. GN'R - Out Ta Get Me

4. Velvet Revolver - Slither

5. Foreigner - Jukebox Hero

6. Thin Lizzy - Massacre

7. The Doors - Roadhouse Blues

8. Megadeth - Tornado Of Souls

9. Alice In Chains - Down In A Hole

10. Led Zeppellin - Misty Mountain Hop

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In no order-

1) Devin Townsend- Deep Peace

2) Metallica- Orion

3) Megadeth- Ashes in your Mouth

4) Tom Waits- Alice

5) Strapping Young Lad- Underneath the Waves

6) Devin Townsend Band- Depth Charge

7) Pantera-Becoming

8) Type O Negative- Christmas Mourning

9) Devin Townsend- Dynamics

10) Ulver- Vowels

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Guest haigyman

in no order, and changing on a daily basis...

metallica - master of puppets

radiohead - exit music (for a film)

radiohead - motion picture soundtrack

nik kershaw - get up (yeah yeah, give a shit about the hassle this'll get me)

slayer - angel of death

metallica - leper messiah/orion (one or the other, i don't want too much metallica)

cat steven's - wild world

sikth - such the fool

biffy clyro - 57

system of a down - chop suey!

gonga - stratofortress/hermes/pocket scientist...fuck it, any gonga track'll do

hmm...probably too many, oh well

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1. Metallica - Blackened

2. Opeth - The Leper Affinty

3. Blind Guardian - And then there was Silence

4. Dream Theater - The Glass Prison

5. Symphony X - The Odyessy

6. Opeth - The Moor

7. Metallica - Orion

8. Blind Guardian - When Sorrow Sang

9. Metallica - No Leaf Clover

10. Clint Mansell - Requiem for a Dream

or something along those lines.

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Guest allsystemsfail

In no particular order:

LOST CHERREES - Sexism's Sick

CONFLICT - To Be Continued

ANTISECT - Yet Stil They Ignore

CRASS - Poison In A Pretty Pill


NAUSEA - Cybergod

BLYTH POWER - Guns Of Castle Cary

ZOUNDS - This Land

DISCHARGE - Ain't No Feeble Bastard

CHUMBAWAMBA - Revolution

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