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Battle of the bands type contest for Sunday nights - apply within


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We're planning to start a battle of the bands type contest on Sunday nights. The contest is open to both bands and solo performers. This would run concurrent to our existing open stage night/jam session.

The plan is to play off 2 acts against each other every Sunday, with a performance at 9.30pm and another at 10.30 pm. There would be room for a total of 16 acts in the contest. There would be 8 weeks of heats, 4 weeks of quarter finals, 2 weeks of semi finals, and a final on the final day. The entire contest would hopefully run for 15 weeks, or perhaps slightly longer in the event of cancellations.

Admission would be free to the punters, and entry would of course be free for the performers.

The ultimate prize would be a paying headline slot on a Saturday night with a 100 guarantee. That gig would be recorded, and then 8 hours of Mark's time would be devoted to producing a mix of the best parts. There would also be photos courtesy of myself. To see examples of our work please visit the bar's myspace page.

The appointed judges are Mark, Rapunzel, and Stuart.

If you are interested in entering the contest then please email:


We'll kick things off once we get the first few acts lined up, hopefully within the next month.


One last thing - we need a name for this contest... any suggestions?

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there can be only one, and my moneys on Flash

And in the red corner, it's Lecht Polanski, a bit wobbly from the Stolski but looking good.


And in the blue corner, it's Flash the pirate .

Ding Ding round on .. and it's all over, Flash kicked Lechts ass right oot the door, easy as pie, over in less than 2 seconds.

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We're OK with the odd band member aged 17. Strictly no fans under 18 though.

So in this case they'd have to wait a few years!!!


Is there an age restriction?

Checking before I mention it to my sons' band, they are 15 but have played a few gigs at Kef, Tunnels and Drummonds.

BTW a name for it 'Granite Rocks'.



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