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  1. MTA

    Live Recording

    Nearly, its markt@holburnhifi.co.uk
  2. MTA

    Best Bass Heads...

    Yeah bring the whole band down starts from around 8 usually depending on when people arrive.
  3. MTA

    Best Bass Heads...

    Get yourself down to the Moorings any Sunday from 8 and have a play with our SVT2Pro and 410HLF and see what you think.
  4. MTA

    Goldblade - A video taken at the Moorings Bar

    Seems to be fixed now Gigs - Goldblade
  5. MTA

    THIS SATURDAY in the MOORINGS BAR - live music from...

    Ah so that was Charlie s mum, i couldnt see. she did a good job
  6. I had a shock when i found out, I had to look 3 times in awe.
  7. MTA

    The Most Random thing Ever

    It was still there last night too, Maybe we should do a combined Ice with chilli sometime
  8. MTA

    Best studio?

    If you want to look a at another good studio, have a look at the-byre.com It has a great room, desk, monitors all types of recorders and a good price for the quality you will get.
  9. MTA

    Steel band required

    Not in a band anymore, But I think there is one at the Uni Try get in touch with the bass player form Ghost of Bongo I know he plays too.
  10. MTA

    Steel band required

    Tom What do you need? I have some double Tenor pans at home and a wife that plays
  11. MTA

    New Sound Desk

    I am hoping it will be ready, I have the connectors needed now so i will be making the cable up in the week.
  12. MTA

    New Sound Desk

    Well the Basic setup worked very well, I just need to be careful with the volume now, due to the use of much less compression it doesn't sound so loud. Now I need to get the rest of the inputs sorted so we can get the Recording back on the go.
  13. MTA

    New Sound Desk

    It will take me a few weeks, but It will be much more open sounding than before, Already i have set a load less compression over the whole system. But it will be work in progress for a few weeks, So if its not right I am working on it
  14. MTA

    Arcade machine

    It will be fixed, but we are just waiting on parts to arrive.
  15. That should be fine to make it like that, but its not just the drums, no real distortion on the guitar etc so as long as your sound will work with this style then I dont see a problem.