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Noxagt...tues 19th Sept @ The Tunnels

Dizzy Storm

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DiZZY SToRM & VALENTINE BITCH would like to announce the (very welcome) return of the superb NOXAGT (load records) to aberdeen on TUES 19TH SEPT :up:

Norway's power rock trio (well, how else do you describe them...?!!) have just released their 3rd and self titled record on Load Records. Gone is the Nils Ergas viola that led the chariot races on the last two NOXAGT records, replaced with Anders Hana (of ULTRALYD) on spring loaded guitar. Where as the past two records flung tarballs at the idea of hard rock in the 21st century, this third record crawls from the ooze with a determined and wiry intent to bring you to your knees with stark riff power and bludgeoning rhythmic density.

This is Noxagts strangest turn from instrumental sludge helmeted Vikings to staple jointed snake running dunt rock doctors. Fans of past records will find a lot to wrap their brows around with this record, and new fans will take note of the wiry riffs emitting from this Norse carriage. (yup, that was blatantly stolen from Load site!)

and now a few lines stolen from a review of the new record...

Noxagt come with a unique take on the musical aspects of rock music, and this collection of skittering, sludge-drenched anthems should not be missed. You may not be able to sing along to them one iota, but I'll be damned if they don't rock pretty hard, space you out, or drop your jaw at least once each somewhere along the way to the end.

you can listen to some tracks from the new record at www.myspace.com/noxagt and more info can be found here www.noxagt.com

local support comes from the mighty (but a quarter broken at the mo..!) PROJECT VEN HELL who for those that dont know them are like Oxes being ushered through Fugazi's school of post-hardcore delirium at double speed ..so there ye go! listen at www.myspace.com/projectvenhell

another top support to be announced soon




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breakbeat mash up anyone?!!!

next support announced......which im excited about cause i think he's ace!! just a wee diversion from the punishing riffs that will be destroying our ears courtesy of noxagt/PVH :D


from glasgow....real name Calum Gunn....Acrnym got a computer in 1994. bought mixman studio pro and made stupidly fast latin techno house for a laugh because all his schoolmates had found rave ejay and were making really horrible music, so he shat all over them with his improv-tech 50 software.

these days he performs a bunch of 'break-pop'/breakcore/squidgy techy weird thing stuff (!) and sometimes sings. and has a laptop which is pretty flash huh. he is also in some bands, one of which is q without u [on keyboards and burbles] and is one of 2 drummers in danananananakroyd.

he's signed to Megapixel Records, been featured on the ADAADAT compilation TRADE AND DISTRIBUTION ALMANAC VOLUME III, and his second album SENSE-DATA can be bought from www.myspace.com/givedaddytheknife

check him out at myspace.com/theacrnyms and www.acrnym.co.nr

maybe one other support to come....

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he's signed to Megapixel Records' date=' been featured on the [b']ADAADAT compilation TRADE AND DISTRIBUTION ALMANAC VOLUME III, and his second album SENSE-DATA can be bought from www.myspace.com/givedaddytheknife

Sorry to be a bit off topic, but it's just to let those of you who are thinking of buying CDs from Give Daddy the Knife that you will require a lot of patience!

I ordered 'Sense-Data' along with a Sabrepulse LP, a Saskrotch LP and another 3" EP that I can't remember the name of over two months ago, and they still haven't arrived! The guy that runs this label must be a right lazy bastard. He told me yesterday that they have finally been shipped.

The CDs should be worth this appauling wait though.

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did you recieve the cds yet??

im sooooo looking forward to Acrnym :up:

Yes' date=' they arrived today! They are fucking excellent! plus I got a few Give Daddy the Knife stickers for the long wait. :up:

Sabrepulse is basically like Acrnym brother, as they both live in Glasgow and sometimes help on each other's tunes:


You can download the full album of Famicom Connection (the CD which I bought), and I highly recommend you do so. Fantastic stuff. 8)

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good wee review of new album...from Boomkat

...Anders Hana is a modern day travelling minstrel, Im sure of it. He wanders around Norway, guitar in hand, bobbing his head into studios and donating a few riffs before gathering his gear and adding his touch to someone elses record. With Jaga Jazzist, Ultralyd and MoHa! among his many projects youd wonder how he had time for anything else yet here he is again, replacing Nils Erga and giving Noxagt a taste of his noisy guitar experimentations. And what a difference it makes thats not to say Noxagt have ever slouched before, their special brand of math-metal has always struck a powerful chord with me, yet the addition of Hana seems to have brought out the best in them and this eponymous album is their finest yet. Whats more I would even go so far as to say its the metal album of the year (I know, Im gushing but just listen to it!). Avoiding the trappings of metal vocals their slashy doomcore never gets campy, yet surprisingly it never feels like its taking itself too seriously either. It pounds along rampantly with throbbing basslines, powerful percussion and abrasive guitar riffs constantly changing tempo and key (just to keep us interested, you understand). I can imagine this is what Lightning Bolt might sound like if they had both studied for music composition degrees its technical as hell but wow does it ROCK. If youre looking for something with a little bit more structure than Lightning Bolt, something with a bit more bite than MoHa!, something tough and metallic without having to resort to buying Southern Lord records yet again you need to check out Noxagt pretty damn promptly...

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