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  1. NOMA was the best act in Aberdeen and is now the best in Glasgow! other favourites: Sinister Waltz Copy Haho Scrotal Tunic Kitchen Cynics Korpse "Mad" Dave Sidca/Saint Maybe Bonesaw Residue Werewolf Corps/Pesthole Jesus and Hairy Chain and last but definitely least... Solaris with Bruce McComiskie on vocals. Aberdeen rules! I'm gonna move back up North!
  2. Hah! Yes actually, I can confirm that for you - he told us he loves listening to Opaque while he's cycling around on his bike. Each to their own like, I'm more of a Steely Dan kinda road-user personally. You gonna provide some wheels for optimum enjoyment at the gig Donny? We're not really into playing for pedestrians so much these days. Ruaraidh
  3. Two quadrophonic noise/drone performances by Nackt Insecten at the Peacock Gallery on Castlegate at the opening night of "Adaptation," their contribution to the Six Cities design festival. More info: http://www.myspace.com/nacktinsecten http://www.peacockvisualarts.com/events/93/adaptation
  4. Snuff o' that shite. Ouch! I'm unstoppable tonight! ...High five? ....Anyone?
  5. Hails. Video clip of KMVSNI live in Glasgow on Saturday online at: http://www.myspace.com/nacktinsecten BELIEVE.
  6. Fuck, also: http://www.myspace.com/sickheadlabel
  7. Thanks Donny, had a blast. http://www.myspace.com/nacktinsecten (spelt wrong earlier in this thread)
  8. Actually I just looked at the photo again and realised that I was in fact wearing my Superman pants that day (as can be seen quite clearly to the left of Thurston Moore's head)
  9. HAHA!!! Take that!! I see your Kim and Thurston pics and raise you one of me flying through the air like superman with a Thurston Moore between my legs! Bow before me with your paltry fan photos!! I WAS the dream aktion unit for one night only. Anyway, great fest didn't you think folks who were there... Missed the Sat night but the other 3 days were awesome! Rory.
  10. Pelican got me nodding my head predictably enough Maxi. Good tunes all night. Am a filthy excuse for a man today - too much rock for one weekend, managed to see 10 bands somehow. Most of em good too. Can anyone else hear that high-pitched screaming sound? How did yer like playing with SIDCA lumpo tempo? Professional outfit aint they? Particularly when bombing bad herbal highs. Anyone gonna send me a copy of the recordings anytime soon? Rory. PS Saw Sharon lying in a gutter on my way to the job centre this morning. She mumbled something along the lines of "tu as an animal a la maison?" but i pretended I hadnt seen her.
  11. Hey folks. Have come to this thread a bit late bit wanted to chip in anyway! Have unsurprisingly few memories from the final Narcosis/ Cosmica night the other week. Messy. Loads of others tho - many mentioned already. Valhella, obviously, was pretty special to me and mebbe 4 other people or whatever. Sidca gigs were always pretty far out and could only really have worked properly in Drakes I reckon! (No one else would book Sidca! Their loss) That Opaque one in particular was great and has now led to a new project with myself and Lea Opaque down here in Glasgow. Saw so many great bands on random occasions - one that springs to mind was called something like the barnhouse effect(??) anyway, I wandered along drunk, alone and skint after being handed a flyer by dave and ended up going home with ringing ears, a belly full of beer and an excellent 10" single. Thanks everyone for that one. One more memory - not a very good one actually was that time i somehow managed to glass Turganog at the end of a masamune set(!?!?) Less said about that one the better! Fuck it, alls well that ends well. Fangs for the mammaries. Rory.
  12. knackers to it, im gonna jump on the megabus and come up, look forward to seeing you all there, Rory.
  13. I cant seem to get past the intro page thing - which says you dont need flash etc... whats the deal?
  14. Unholy update on a few things: -4 track EP "The Defilement of Christ" on sale. Only 1.50 (1-UP)/ 1 (gigs) Get them quick, they're running out fast. -VOMITUS appearing this Saturday at VALHELLA'S LAST STAND! 11pm - 3am, Dr. Drakes, FREE ENTRY! Last ever Valhella and also looks like it could prove to be the last Vomitus gig for some considerable time.....
  15. Probably thereabouts. Valhella is on from 11pm - 3am and Vomitus will be playing at some point between those hours.
  16. This final ever Valhella is just looking better and better - have just heard that special unholy guests VOMITUS will be performing live at some point during the night in tribute to "the world's greatest ever clubnight" Sorry to hijack this thread but some things just need to be said.
  17. I have just heard that in fact the guests at this FINAL EVER VALHELLA will be Aberdeen's satanic black punk metal underlords VOMITUS, who are keen to pay tribute at the last stand of "the world's finest ever club night" (Their words, not mine.)
  18. Vomitus CD in One Up - available in the special inverted crucifix display case on the counter. 4 songs, 1.50. Sorry Dave... aye the Dedalus Politik CD... highly recommended if yer too soft for Vomitus. Sorry again Dave, just a joke, the Nomad disc is top notch!
  19. Hi Steve. Id really like a copy of each of them - is the first one different from the version you already passed on to me? If its got different artwork or whatever then il be geeky enough to want a copy! Il give you cash next time i see you in one up/ at valhella or whatever. cheers, Rory.
  20. Oh man here we go - 5 bands?? get fucked, Im gonna get all anal and break stoner down into sub-stoner sections... (hey fuck you buddy, i work in a record shop of course im a geek!) Sludge stoner - Iron Monkey, Eyehategod, Mistress, Sally, Weedeater, Sleep Doom stoner - the mighty Electric Wizard, Cathedral Stoner stoner - Kyuss, Gonga, Fu Manchu, Goatsnake Stoner originals - Black Sabbath, St. Vitus Mellow Stoner - Dead Meadow, Bardo Pond (for when it all gets a bit too much...) Fuckin hell yeah!! Hail the leaf! EDIT: Like Dave said... come to Valhella stoners, we'll expand your minds!!!
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