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Bizarre. I'm about 20 miles away from edinburgh and the sky is perfectly clear' date=' it's actually sunny here for once (it's usually gloomy as fuck due to massive steam/rubbish chemical substance clouds from the petrochemical plant).

No snow at all... though there was a frozen puddle in the car park this morning.

Sunny Grangemouth.[/quote']

wow :|

we've had like 3 inches or something. . . .

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I love the snow but right now I'm pissed off as I'm stuck on the oilrig due to there being no flights to Shetland from Aberdeen.

And it's cheap drink day in the Moorings. ;(

At least you know! Last time I needed a flight to Scatsa, they wouldn't tell me over the phone that there wasn't any flights, so I had to get a taxi to the airport so they would say to my face. Great stuff.

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Well sadly between uni and rehearsals all day I haven't been able to find time to build one! I might see if Kirsty fancies going and building one with me later' date=' I'll be sure to take a pic if we do.[/color'] ;)

lookin forward to the pics.. i might make one of the snowman in the backy

when i can be arsed making it

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