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Help Me Find Book Please


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when i was in secondary school we were made to read a series of book's about a young lad who was either on the run or simply a runaway (so good a book i cannae actually mind)..... he also finds himself a leapard (again not sure if it was a leapard but it was a big cat)..... Now on reading this you would think "aye he musta loved those books cannae mind the plot cannae mind whom wrote em" ..

Please if anyone else read these at school and can remeber the name of them and possibly the author id be most grateful......

Im sure theres 3 books in the series but again i could be wrong :help:

Also if it helps the 3rd book sees him settling down on some lairds ground and becoming one of the family lol (i think)

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All good ansers but none are the ones.......

Harry potter????? lol i left secondary school 12years ago and it was in 1st year i read these books thus making it like 15years ago.................

Littlest Hobo????? Think u best watch that program again as thats a dog not a leapard.......

ive since found out tho that it was a cheetah he finds nae a leapard ( im still convinced it was a leapard tho)

Please Help

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