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  1. Nike nestor, person who posts in this thread.... you have been seen, three times i believe, wearing your nike trainers. 1. walking up King Street, Aberdeen (scowling) 2.at home, dancing 3.at a gig, sucking the life out of the room (uncomfirmed at present) can you either confirm or deny these allegations please? cheers in advance
  2. may i claim the following from your house please: a vickers urn, full of cheap wine a giant crawling green hand a robotic back scratcher 1000 tealight candles an inflatable hippopotamus whiskey 80's slasher flicks a mauve lycra running vest signed picture of the star wars character ugnaut your 'forest of the leper ogres' record your 'pervert goblins morbid secretions' record also the vietnam war your garden the lassa virus fortean times a cavernous retreat *i know for a fact you own most of these items, and if not you can get them for me easily thanks in advance
  3. gg heh, ace to see a thread speakin bout GG Allin, nice one. evryone should chack out the 'hated' documantary, its deeply disturbing for all the right reasons. his brother is Merle btw, with the insane tache and sideburns
  4. i really like that, moment of truth and beginning of it all are really cool tracks.digging the nin vibe.
  5. yes, i fully support this and would love a copy mate.good job my friend.
  6. aye, i can dig this stuff, and fucking great band name! SHOKO!
  7. just get the 'and all that could have been' dvd, one of the best live dvds ever.almost cant be argued.
  8. this looks immense already, two of my fave ever scottish bands, both devastating live.fuckin sweet.
  9. played once, decided to stick with world of warcraft. brand new condition with instructions and box. 20, pm me or its off to town to trade it!
  10. The Creature in the Dark, Robert Westall The Creature in the Dark, Robert Westall. there ya go.
  11. in no order.... 1.giant haystacks 2.the american werewolf in london 3.the predator 4.vasquez from 'aliens' 5.boss 6.paul samat 7.the tougo guys 8.ian brady 9.charles bronson(either of them) 10.mumm-ra from thundercats i'd make an extra space for bennett from commando
  12. maybe listen to it later, if i can be assed.hope its as good as the other song.lol, pity etc.
  13. CUT YA COCK OFF 1.MASSONNA - beast 2.PRURIENT - silent mary 3.RICHARD RAMIREZ - legion I 4.SUTCLIFFE JUGEND - abduction 5.WHITEHOUSE - a cunt like you 6.LOCKWELD - GROUP THERAPY 7.JAPANESE COMEDY TORTURE HOUR - voltage monster 8.DEATHPILE - triumph of the hunter 9.TAINT - i'm a whore i'm not going on as trawling through my stuff to choose tracks had destroyed my pleasant, mellow headspace.i like the harsh end of noise.stick on some grey wolves, early wolf eyes, priest in shit maybe to finish it.fuck off.
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