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  1. I failed my driving test this morning...second time round too. Not really sure what I did wrong this time though so it's really annyoing. Examiner was a bloody bitch too,
  2. Me likes, you just need to whip your drummer into shape and start giging! Who is your singer?
  3. *SJ*

    Editors in Glasgow

    only if you come on March 1st! Then I could maybe think about getting you a ticket xx
  4. Creative Zen Microphoto TV with DVD Necklace DVDs Random bits and bobs and sweets. I was pretty pleased with my christmas presents.
  5. I LOVE mince pies...hot or cold...on their own or with cream. It's why I look forward to xmas (apart from the pressies). I've always loved them, always will. Delish.
  6. sorry, I didn't know 'Five Years' wat called Alex. I was meaning *alex*.
  7. http://www.lookalike.com/lookalikes/bruce-willis.htm There ya go Alex. You can have your very on Bruce. Not that you need him when you have me :]
  8. Actually because it's a German magazine (I think) it's really saying 'The Hiltons'. But yeah, die Paris, she's a waste of space. And she's ugly.
  9. haha you must've been really bored. Entertaining for the minute I took to read it though, so thanks.
  10. I don't like iPods at all. I'm getting a Creative Zen for xmas, much better.
  11. thank you! Depp is over-rated. Alex, as much as i know you like Johnny, I'm still sticking with Dermot. He has good dress sence, is an ace presenter and is gorgeous. Dermot Dermot Dermot:love:
  12. yeah some glues are made from horses apparently...don't know if converse use that kinda glue...but no leather is definitely an upside.
  13. My vans completely fell apart, I don't bother with them now.
  14. *SJ*


    I can't stand Brainteaser, she pissed me off soo much. Not pretty at all.
  15. That's the book I thought of when I read the post. I did it in school too.
  16. *SJ*


    I'm a receptionist and get 6.30 an hour. I'm at work at the moment and all I do is drink free tea and cofee, eat free food and sit on msn and the internet all day. Worth the 6.30 I'd say, and hasn't got too boring yet.
  17. I knew he left Lynn Scully...didn't know why the actor suddenly left though.
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