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Wishbone G

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Guest ()Papaspyrou()
how stupid of that person to not check a thread that was made 5 months ago....honestly!

"just add on to this one {enV}" - Papaspyrou

Yep, thought so. I didn't even IMPLY he was

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Popcorn Fiend

Now for a stupid question... I know why you'd have a music band page (for promotion, etc), but what do people have their own page for? What do they do with it, or do in myspace?

I don't mean it to sound as though I'm casting aspersions on those who do have personal spaces, I'm genuinely curious. Do people use it for making friends... maybe for chatting people up? Tell me. TELL ME!

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Guest pop-notmyface
Ahhh Myspace. I hate it but I'm still on it. The other day' date=' a barman said to me: "Are you on Myspace?" and I almost died.[/quote']

thats a legitimate question to ask. especially if you're a barman ;)




knock yourselves out people.

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