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  1. Thanks all, much appreciated... been far too long since I've had a chance to enjoy the pubs and clubs of Aberdeen myself...
  2. Hello there, Some of you may remember me from back in the day - Subsistence! Errr... Popcorn Fiend! Errr... Hookers Green! Oh... - not been here in a few years. If not, never mind, I wasn't that cool anyway. But that's besides the point. I'm now writing a couple of articles for stv on the best clubs and pubs in Aberdeen, and was hoping for a few suggestions? All shall be much appreciated.* * Unless it's for The Pearl Lounge, which surely can't be as bad as it seems from the few minutes I spent on its website. Can it? Hopefully I'll never find out. PS Just saw my profile's still as awesome as ever. Rock on.
  3. Oh, that'd be unfortunate as their album is perhaps my favourite rock album of the year. I actually prefer it to McLusky, who I loved, so I'm very biased... playing at the Barfly early next month, I'm looking forward to it muchly. Very muchly. PS Half-assed McLusky could be bad as it's quite dependent on a sardonic vicious intent, so I imagine soundchecks (never the best time to catch a band in their element) are perhaps not the ideal time to catch them, as they'd be going through the motions.
  4. Yo-ha! Still as awesome as ever, back when music was music and, err...
  5. Sorry, a strange post, but much like a pregnant mother wants to eats mayonnaise or something kerrazy like that, I suddenly have a tremendous need to listen to Diesel by Maple, what a song! Don't suppose it's available on this here 'interweb', I don't have a copy in my poor pathetic flat... Still, what a song! Err, discuss. Or something.
  6. God forgive me for saying this, but that's the funniest and therefore probably best comment of this entire thread. The closest I've ever seen to comic timing being channelled perfectly into a message board conversation. Goodness me, that was unexpected.
  7. Uh, how? It's hardly as though you can't step outside in the street without some five-year-old shooting your balls off with grandpa's Beringer. The type of high-profile publicity given to any sort of shooting that occurs in Scotland is an indication of its relative rarity.
  8. Man, there's my journalistic technique exposed for the world to see...
  9. That attempt at recreating the Les Dawson sketch was one of the most embarrassing things I've ever seen - amazing...
  10. Huh-freaking-zah! Yes! I hope this isn't a one-off (well, two-off, you know what I mean). Argh! I know what I'm listening to on the way back home tonight...
  11. Are you going to EXIT then? I went on a press trip last year, probably my favourite ever festival experience...
  12. What's the biggest cock-up you've had, or ever heard of, on stage? (ala Spinal Tap's Stonehenge monument)
  13. Mmm, in short: Have Popcorn Fiend gigging (hopefully by April/May) Release more I Am Subsisty CDs (first release almost ready...) Finish book I'm writing Take my journalism career more in the direction I'm after Do some more interviews with groovy bands (the Klaxons next, hopefully) Maybe do some poster designs with a friend Get SLR camera and start taking groovy photos Try and keep fit...
  14. I think I only recovered today; it should have been a rubbish occasion given I was working nightshift, but I managed to turn it to my advantage and enjoy my first ever New Year outside the Highlands, huzzah! The aftermath was horrendous though, simply in terms of how bad I felt the next day - and the day after that...
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