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The best song by an Aberdeen band ever...


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PERIOD! If you don't agree, no offence, but you're a cunt :D


Hopefully some older guys will back me up....this is the best 5 minutes of your life I swear, still brings a tear to my eye this song. Every member in this band has played a significant part in life....check it out

This track is probably over 15 years old...but it still sounds fresh today...pity this band never made it

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God there so many to choose from early contenders off the top of my head :- Korpse - Rusted' date=' [b']Inextremis - Lies of Memory, The Loreli - Perfect World and Tinderbox - I Want Out.

I will have to dig out the albums again to get a definative answer :D

My ex-computing teacher was in Tinderbox, Charlie Love.

Id have to say 'Shoot you Down' by APB......but i am biased.

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Guest Exposure @ Lemon Tree
Little Kicks - Dont Give Up So Easily

Think thats an amazing song...

best one ive heard locally.

Cracking tune - but it's not my favourite Little Kicks song even! I think After Tomorrow Before Today is their best effort! Brilliant tune - awesome lyrics!

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Guest Exposure @ Lemon Tree
your welcome Sir Milne...

just reminds me of staying in one of my flats...the nieghbours must have been bloody sick of it!

Don't call him "Sir" for christsake man....

The neighbours should never get sick of Don't Give Up So Easily, it's a cracking tune!

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