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  1. As good a game as it might be, CS is even less viable to play than a console FPS due the nightmare of setting it up. Most RTS games don't fit the bill, as they can go on for literally hours. And half the games you mention have such a small playerbase that it really wouldn't work in a tournament setting. However, as with most other fighting game tournaments, having a seperate "casual" are is something im really keen to run aswell. Where people who arent really interested in the more cutthroat competative side of gaming can come, contribute to the cause and play for fun with a bunch of other likeminded folks. Where people would be free to take whichever games they like, This would be ideal for stuff like guitar hero. You can ofcourse fire back and forth if you get put out of the curremt tournament or aren't interested in playing or whataver. I feel Captain Toms rooms may be small to accomodate such an event on second thoughts. I'm going to look into larger rooms we might be able to use, perhaps the hall belonging to the church at gallowgate or suchlike. One larger room is great for letting people spectate in games, and building a bit of atmosphere. Hopefully people will care enough about whats going on in the tournament games to get a bit of drama going. It's likely that all tournament games will be run on 360, just to reduce the hassle of setting things up. Again, I really appreciate people replying with their thoughts, please do keep throwing your ideas at me. Cheers,
  2. Aha, Captain toms had never occured to me as a potential venue. I'd just ben thinking along the lines of pubs and whatnot. What a stunning idea! It totally removes the whole 'is my tv going to get nailed by a drunken idiot' problem, and 100 other headaches. Defo something im going to look into, good call mate.
  3. The real problem is finding a venue with enough space to accomodate however many set ups would be required, and getting hold of enough tvs and what not. If people were happy to play 4v4 on a single screen then that would be easy, but I doubt that would be the case.
  4. Right, thanks for replying. Some initial thoughts about you're replies. Lots of people seem be keen on Team fortress or COD or some other fps. The main problem with these game is that they are best played in a team format, and unless people are happy playing 4v4, with 2 tv's and a quarter screen each im not sure how viable this would be. And im not sure if there are any console fps's well suited to deathmatch. The logistics make some games unsuitable for a tournament of this format. Other game styles don't really fit into the tournament ethic either. For example, guitar hero isn't a great competative game becuase there is no interaction between players at all. A score attack is basically just people playing 2 single players games at the same time. As good as the game is, I'd like to restrict the tournament to games with some competitve merit. It is all for a good cause ofcourse, but that's no reason that it can't eventually grow and rival the likes of BoD or EVO. As much as I would like this to be some kind of hardcore 1v1 fighter tournament, I'm aware there might not be enough numbers to not include something that lots of casual players might enjoy. Some football game might be good i guess, 1 console and a fixed amount of time make for tournament friendly games. I also worry about the numbers that we could be able to muster for a brand new ultra hyped title like Street Fighter 4, so theres little point even contemplating titles like MvC2 or Guilty Gear, regardless of how great these games are. More to come, in the meantime thanks for you're feedback and please keep it coming!
  5. Greetings, My name is Ross, I am a long standing fighting game player, and a huge fan of competitive gaming in general. This year, with the help of some good friends and some generous companies, we will be hosting Aberdeen's first competitive fighting game/video game tournament sometime in late 2009! This post represents some early research into what you would be willing to pay, play and contribute to this event. The basics, this will be a non profit event, with all profits going toward MacMillan Cancer Relief, we would like to attract as many players as possible, whilst retaining the most serious competitive atmosphere. The confirmed games: Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix : The result of 14 years balancing, the most balanced competitive 1v1 game out there. Street Fighter 4: The most recent addition to the popular Capcom franchise, easy inputs and a throwback to the good old days make this game a no brainer. What else do you want to play? Fifa? Pro Evo? Halo? Please reply! What would you pay for entry to such an event, knowing all proceeds would go to charity? Would 10 for ALL games be too much? Considering there would likely be excellent prizes for each game thanks to our sponsors. As I earlier stated, this is an early research asking YOU what YOU would want from a local games tourney? For a more immediate response, contact iwishiwasbornanorc at hotmail.co.uk OR C0rbul0 @ xboxlive. (add me if you want owned ) Any input or feedback would be most appreciated! Let's put Scotland on the 1v1 fighting map, and have a go at cancer whilst we're at it! There is a website confirming all these details, plus every game we plan to follow coming very soon, please keep an eye open! Many thanks
  6. There's no advantage for losing the claw, it's just there for a bit of showmanship, you do however lose a ton of range. And losing the mask means you take more damage than akuma, which is bad news. Vega fairly got the shaft in this game like, along with honda.. I've moved back to Super turbo already, there are too many things that I just don't like about Sf4 to keep me interested. If the netcode had been half decent I may have stuck with it, but putting an emphasis on link combos and then having input lag is by far the biggest mistake anyone could make when putting a fighter online. I'd still play it with you guys, but if you really want beasted hit me up on HD remix.
  7. Im in for some games, gamertag is C0rbul0. As far as the game goes, i think it's okay. It's a shame they felt the need to include so much joystick gymnastics and stupidly tight link combos, which just sets up artificial barriers to enter the game. I'd rather games were about strategy and mind games, not 1 frame links that require a year in solo practice mode to perfect. The netcode is a let down, any fighter with input lag in this day and age is completely unacceptable. But besides it's flaws, it's still a great game. As for a tournament, i'd really love if we could get enough people to hold something offline! Edit: Due to the rediculous joystick wank required to pull of some of the more damaging combos and cancels, i doubt you'd be able to play at any higher than a basic level on anything but a joystick.
  8. I work for a retailer who likes to break the 30 day warrantee (sp) microsoft provides, here are some top tipd that have saved me some serious time in the past- 1) Ask to be put through to the german/ american help centrers. these guys seem to have at least the slightest clue 2) If you get drama, just claim you are experiencing the red rings, you will get far less inane babble from the incompetent staff if you go this route, At least in my experience...
  9. drums arent sale on ther tod yet, just the whole bundle as far as i have seen.
  10. Oops, best to note that this stick will only work on 360 and PC.
  11. The stick has 6 face buttons, the other two buttons are hidden away at the top by the start/back buttons and are tiny, you'd never be able to use them mid game. Its actually the RB/LB buttons at the top that arent wired, and ive wired the trigger buttons on the face to the bumpers on the PCB. But in short it's a non issue, you can rebind your inputs however you like. And 6 buttons is more than enough for any fighting game.
  12. Due to a brand new custom joystick heading my way, i've decided it might be time to sell off one of my old Hori bad boys. This particular stick has had the garbage stock hori buttons replaced with red sanwas (the ferrari of buttons), and the joystick ball has been replaced with a red sanwa top too match. The old PCB died so ive had to fire in another from a wired 3rd party pad, which means the Guide button no longer illuminates and the LT/RT buttons don't work, not that they are of any use for any game you'd be using a joystick for. I'll have pictures up in a day or two. Any offers?
  13. Playing this game to death at the moment, and couldn't be happier with the way it turned out. The netcode is far and away the best of any console fighting game ever. Not quite GGPO standard, but it is really damn close. The new sprites for the most part are great, and the rebalancing makes the game a lot less frustrating. There are a lot less near unwinnable matchups, and they new inputs make for a lot less frustation. Only thing that lets it down are the few online bugs and Zangiefs inputs which aren't working properly and make it harder to bear grab/super than it was in vanilla ST. Oh, and the fact remix akuma is broken as hell. If you're playing on 360 add me, gamertag is, C0rbul0, (those are zeros as opposed to 'O's) I love the amount of scrubs playing ranked atm though, there is nothing quite as amusing as hearing someone call you 'terrible' because you just perfected them. People are far to eager to call cheap nowadays...
  14. Oh, and on the topic of the new 360 pads. The d-pads work in 16 directions as opposed to 8, and still have that piece of shit design. So i imagine they will actually be worse than the old ones for games you'd actually use a d-pad for.
  15. What price range are you looking at mate? The first stick I'd point you toward is a Hori fighting stick ex2. Designed for xbox, and therefore works flawlessly with windows. It's the cheapest stick you will find that isn't a tacky bit of junk. It's a nice size, and is high quality for the price. The buttons are a little sticky for my taste, so i've swapped them out for some sanwas. But all in all, it's a great piece of kit. Amazon.co.uk: Hori Officially Licensed Fighting Stick EX2 (Xbox 360): PC & Video Games Problem is they can be a hassle to get hold of. And they are released in batch's from japan, so prices inflate steadily til the next batch is shipped and the price comes back down. Don't pay more than 40 quid for one. And do keep checking ebay for them. A lot of people list them cheap not realising how much demand there is for them, so if you are quick you can swoop in and offer the seller 40 quid or so and hopefully that will seal it for you.
  16. Thanks for the heads up, unfortunately they didn't have any left. I did however get another battery for my pad for 3 quid, so it wasn't a wasted trip. I'll try the 24 hour asda, macro and costco tomorrow, with any luck one will surface.
  17. Oooh, which one? I had a look in the ones at the St. Nicholas and kittybrewster but no luck.
  18. Greetings, Im currently on the search for one of those horrible, cheap Madcatz XBLA arcade "sticks" (these things http://www.product-reviews.net/wp-content/userimages/2) It doesn't need to be in good, or even average condition. I dont even mind if the stick is missing, as long as the circuit and the usb connection is sound then im happy. I'm in the market for more than one if people have any lying around. Let's face it, you only bought it for the month free XBl and the games anyways. Cheers, Ross EDIT: Just to note, I'm really in a hurry for these and ideally would need one in the next day or two. If you have one or could track one down, it'd be greatly appreciated.
  19. As much as i like ZP, this review misses the mark by a mile. Anyone who plays beat em up's hoping for a lasting, in depth story mode are shopping around the wrong genre im afraid. However, theres one side of me that thinks he's well aware this review is fairly off and is just trying to drum up soem FANBOI rage to roll in the hits. Meh.
  20. Anyone got any updates as far as numbers interested, or any preffered times people would like to play? Also, im bored out of my skull. Anyone playing super turbo on GGPO? And if not, why not? Best netcode of any fighting game ever, and it isn't even a commercial release, just shows how lazy developerrs are these days. Let me know if you fancy a few games sometime. It plays like a dream, 0 1 frame of input lag and very very few rollbacks, puts any console 2dfighter to shame. ggpo.net check it out!
  21. I've got terrible rep, at one point i was at about 80% negative with most of that being labled 'unsporting conduct' and 'trash talk'. Which is strange, I cant see how i can be a 'bad sport' in street fighter when all im doing is playing the game, if people think tick throws are 'cheap' then im fairly sure they are the ones who are bad sports. Not my fault these kids get rolled so bad. And the trash talk thing infuriates me, if im on the mic 99% of the time i'll just be saying 'Good game' after a match, the only trash talking i do is when someone disconnects after a loss, in which case I feel righteous in laying down smack talk. It's a terrible system, but I can't say I mind too much. Ive even started recording some matches and some of the pathetic whining i get from people i've just beaten. You'd be surprised how many times ive been hit with primary school style gay insults, equally as common are the 'skirt wearing sissies' remarks. I hate to say the 's' word, but xbox live is jam packed with scrubs.
  22. On account of Bionic Commando being far and away my favourite NES title, I'd been looking forward to this for quite some time. Have to say i'm not dissapointed! It plays great, the music is brilliant, they have managed to keep the same 8bit bleepy feel of the orginal whilst adding some killer drums and whatnot, normally musical updates enrage me in games. Also, there are so many nods to the original (original extra life graphic, original sound effects, 8bit graphics hidden amongst the stages) that I couldn't help but smile to myself whilst playing it through. All in all excellent purchase!
  23. Every character has a move that beats it, normally standing or crouch jab, or a jump in timed right. Ryu and ken can jab dragon punch it everytime for free etc. However, it works a charm vs 99% of people online, i have so many angry mails in my inbox from people calling me a no skill noob cause I rolled them double perfect with honda it's not even funny. Most people arent playing HF online atm due to the fact that SSF2T:HDR open beta is out, and it has by far the ebst netcode of any cmercially released fighter, it also looks awesome to boot! But having said that, playing beat em ups online is nothing compared to an offline rumble, so if you think you have game sign up in the other thread!
  24. I've basically been playing the same few people at the same few games the last few years, so I know how good I am against them but thats about it. Aslong as nobody ends up with a sour face on it should be good, hopefully everyone can up their game a bit and have a good laugh in the process. Sounds good though, i'll round up some aberdonians on my live friends list that i've never met and get them to join the fray also. Keep me up to date
  25. Pretty much, but the only way to really get into beat em' ups is to play against other people locally. Playing against A.I, only really teaches you to win against A.I, and 99% of the tactics folk use online won't work offline where you can block and GI on reaction. I'd advise having a look at Soul Calibur 2 - Home to learn some basic tactics for your character, and some bread and butter moves. That is, if you can stomach the elitist idiots that populate that place. @ Skull Commander Great, getting a bunch of people would do wonders for everyone's game, and no doubt be great fun also. Only issue is a venue for said games. Ive had instances where people meeting up through a game has went brilliantly, and ive made solid friends from the experiance. Other times ive experienced near fist fights, and im sure nobody wants to see the flying pad window smash drama repeated in their own house. Unfortunately, with cafe lan gone, there really isnt anywhere in aberdeen to host nerd fests. I guess rounding everyone up and going for a few beers wont do any harm, just to make sure there arent any personality clashes etc. What do you reckon dude? Anyone feel free to hit me up for some games of Sc4 at some point online though, my 360 tag is C0rbul0.
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