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  1. Well maybe I am a little sensitive yeh, but if your ever in my shoes, you'll understand why! But this has went far to far, and lets end it now. I'm sorry if I pissed you off, matter is closed with me.
  2. Your parent has the chance to change there situation, I personally don't with mine. Big difference. I don;t want sympathy, cause thats where I think your going with this, so before you go there, don't
  3. I'm not insulted, I know it wasn't aimed at me, I never brought personal attack into it, or once suggested it was aimed at me. I just think that comments like that were more likely to have a negative effect and be offensive than ones I made.
  4. I'm not taking anything personally at all, I just find statements like that offensive. Does something have to be aimed at someone directly to be offensive?
  5. So if you had cancer, or any disease for that matter, and it was mentioned in such a way that it was flipant, it wouldn't hit a nerve with you?
  6. Thats the last time I'm gping to Exposure at the Lemon tree then, the Dummy is well out of the pram! Only kiddin dude
  7. I accept my posts have been shite over the last few days, and I have been repremanded accordingly, and I'm cleaning up my act! Well trying to. I'm bothered because i have been slaughtered for 2 days for my posts, then a someone posts a comment like that and it's overlooked! And now I'm even being attacked for making a valid point.
  8. I hear MA's (MA Camerons) do take outs
  9. I'm not taking the moral high gound, or feeling sorry for myself. But every post I've posted that has been out of order has been dealt with by the mods, when I've posted stuff which is just crass at worst! People come out with shit like that and not a word is said. Surely the same rules should apply?
  10. Well man, now I'm offended! I'm currently battling a Lymphoma in my lymph glands and folk on this site find cancer amusing? So what more wrong, putting the word minge in a thread, or laughing at someone with a life threatening disease? I'll let you decide
  11. My favourite ale is definately Ma's Ale. Not only is it a fantastic name, but it is by far the best ale made by John Martin at Scottish and Newcastle. MA's Ale
  12. Thank you for the reminder, but I can gaurantee for the rest of my existence on this site (which I realise may be short lived) will be expletive free. Well to a certain extent anyways
  13. I was gonna make a comment about your old man, but not sure I could look him in the eye at the next gig if I did. he he
  14. And now I've given you the chance to use them all over again. Gotta be worth a pint in my book o_O
  15. yeh and it wasn't swiped off the net either. Poor show
  16. Yeh quick Peterhead Dave, before you spurt
  17. Ha Ha, it's so awful you felt the need to throw one in, nice
  18. It is, Truly awful. But this is the extent I need to go to, to get my sick kicks, sorry. And so far is totally expletive free, superb!
  19. See, it's started already! Beautiful. By the way Milner, yer ma's yer da
  20. Right I thought I'd make a thread for topics which I have enjoyed banter in the last few days, but which I have been given a wrap in the nuckles for, for taking threads off track, which I appreciate and agree with. So if you wanna slag my ma, or make any good minge or mum jokes, this is the thread!
  21. You can get a million for bareing your ass, photocopying it, and posting it on a thread
  22. I didn't realise I wasn't! Don't particularly enjoy being mailed by the mods to be honest
  23. So whats the script if you have 2?
  24. You can't put Amy and Sandy in the same league. Amy can actually sing, and is vaguely attractive. Sandy has nothing going for her, more so the fact she is from Banff.
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